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Seal Line Electronic Case

Available in four different sizes, this case protects valuable electronics in wet and wild conditions. It is transparent and allows most devices to be used without opening. A SealLockô closure guarantees watertight, submersible performance and meets IEC standards. Larger sizes have a webbing handle with swivel clips and D-ring to prevent accidental loss, and a foam insert for added protection and flotation. New 0.5 size is perfect for wallets and small personal items. Size 1 fits hand-held computers and FRS radios. Size 2 fits cell phones and GPS units. Size 3 fits larger marine/CB radios

Option: Electronic Case - .5 - $5.99
Electronic Case - 1 - $7.99
Electronic Case - 2 - $8.99
Electronic Case - 3 - $9.95

$13.95 - $27.95