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Leupold Competition Scopes

Leupold® Competition riflescopes are proven winners, topping the rifles of some of the world’s finest shooters. Leupold took everything into consideration: from making them Alumina® compatible so you can adapt to changing conditions during competition, to the light weight of the silhouette scopes, nothing was left to chance. You’re in it to win...and more winners choose Leupold competition riflescopes.

Option: Competition | 35x45mm - $1,374.95
Competition | 40x45mm - $1,374.95
Competition | 45x45mm - $1,374.95
VX-3 | 6.5-20x50mm LONG RANGE Target - $1,124.99
VX-3 | 8.5-25x50mm LONG RANGE Target - $1,214.99