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G.Loomis Swimbait Rods

Largemouth bass thrive in WEEDY lakes, holding in and around thick brush and sunken debris. It's believed they choose these spots for protection and food forage; however, recent evidence indicates that, in reality, they just think it's really FUNNY watching you break off lure after lure. The "ol' mossy back" line up: FIVE different rod categories with a total of over eighty different rods designed to cover every possible method, bait, lure and technique used to catch largemouths, bronzebacks, spots and kentucks. It doesn't matter if your tossing big TOPWATER plugs for oversized bucketmouths or the tiniest jig to those pesky brown bass, your perfect bass rod is here. All you have to do is fit the TECHNIQUE you prefer to the rod-use descriptions you'll find here.

Option: SWBR904C - Length: 7'6 Line Weight: 12-25 Lure Weight: 1/2-3 - $300.00
SWBR953C - Length: 7'11 Line Weight: 10-20 Lure Weight: 1/2-2 - $315.00
SWBR955C - Length: 7'11 Line Weight: 15-30 Lure Weight: 2-6 - $310.00
SWBR956C - Length: 7'11 Line Weight: 25-45 Lure Weight: 3-8 - $315.00
SWBR957C - Length: 7'11 Line Weight: 25-60 Lure Weight: 4-10 - $325.00