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G.Loomis Dropshot Fishing Rods

As UNIQUE in action and performance as this alternative technique is to bass fishing, the Drop-Shot rods are a balance of SUBTLETIES and power. You'll appreciate the soft tips for twitching baits, and when you "lift" the rod, the power behind those noticeably lighter tips will surprise you. You don't set the hook with this technique... you just crank a little faster and lift the rod slowly - if you can! There are two different models available. The lighter DSR820's are designed for water up to about 25 feet deep. The more powerful DSR822's are designed for slightly heavier line, heavier cover and deeper water to 50 feet. Lightweight, durable Fuji Alconite guides are stacked forward to protect the line during EXTREME rod flex. The casting rods feature a Fuji "blank-thru-handle" triggered reel seat and premium cork. The spin versions have our own custom reel seat, allowing you to mount the reel in a FORWARD position so you can touch the blank above the cork for additional sensitivity.

Option: DSR820S - Length: 6'10 Line Weight: 4-8 Lure Weight: 1/8-3/8 - $260.00
DSR822S - Length: 6'10 Line Weight: 6-12 Lure Weight: 3/16-1/2 - $270.00
DSR822C - Length: 6'10 Line Weight: 6-12 Lure Weight: 3/16-1/2 - $270.00