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Lamiglass GSB Series

Lamiglas GSB surf blanks have long been the staple of surfcasting in
the Northeast. For decades, the GSB has been the most widely used
surf blank in the world, and it continues to be the number one
choice of surfcasters. The reason for that is the extremely durable
graphite used in the blank along with the unmatched versatility created by the finely tuned moderate action. The GSB will work better
than most rods in open beach situations, but in the rocks, canals and
on the jetties the GSB has been unrivaled for decades. Lamiglas now
offers the renowned GSB blanks in an incredible factory-finished
surf rod series.
This new series offers 14 models, so you will always have the right
tool for the job. There are one-piece rod options and two-piece rods
which are engineered to flex and perform like a one piece. The rods
feature a custom “X Flock” style handle with a double locking Fuji
deluxe reel seat. The black stainless steel Fuji K Frame guides were
placed to a custom modified New Guide Concept layout optimized
with the most popular surfcasting reels. The thread wraps are black
with silver inlays, paired with silver logos on the rod for a modern,
stealthy look. Also featured on the 10- and 11-foot models is the
“Mark of the 50,” an indicator on the blank exactly 50” from the Fuji
buttcap for quick, accurate measurement of your fish of a lifetime!
The series also features the 9’2” “Skinner Rod,” named after legendary New York surfcaster and avid Lamiglas fan, John Skinner. Old
School models, 10’ and 11’, are meant to mimic the actions of GSB
blanks from decades ago using newer graphite materials.
The new GSB series surf rods are proudly handcrafted from start
to finish in the USA and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. shipping on one piece rods must be calculated by zip code

Option: GSB81MS 3/8-2 oz. - $379.95
GSB91LS 1/2-2 oz. - $399.95
GSB91MS 3/4 - 3 oz - $399.95
GSB101LS 1-3 oz - $439.95
GSB101MS 2-5 oz. - $439.95
GSB101OS "Old-School" - $439.95
GSB111MS 2-5 oz. - $459.95
GSB111OS "Old-School" - $459.95
GSB111MHS 4-8 oz. - $459.95
GSBSKINNER 1-3 oz 9'2" John Skinner Rod - $399.95
GSB10LS 1-3 oz. - $439.95
GSB10MS 2 - 5 oz - $439.95
GSB11LS 1-3 oz. - $459.95
GSB11LS 1-3 oz. - $459.95
GSB11MS 2-5 oz. - $459.95