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Van Staal VSX275 Spinning Reels

VSX Surf Spin are Van Staal's original no-nonsense reels. Proven for the surf, and not afraid of any situation they feature exclusive sealed, waterproof drag system to let you get right in the surf without worrying about the performance of your reel. Available in a range of sizes from the light-action VS100, all the way to the heavy-weight VS275 that holds a massive 400 yards of 80-pound braid. These reels feature 30 pounds of lock-down drag for the confidence you need when battling the biggest cobia or striper, or wearing down a hard-fighting tuna or marlin.

VSX Surf Spin reels are available in two different anodized finishes: BLACK / SILVER

Option: VS275B - Black - Diameter: 3.0" - Gear Ratio: 4.25:1 - $839.00
VS275S - Silver - Diameter: 3.0" - Gear Ratio: 4.25:1 - $839.00