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Firearms Transfers


"If you are sending a copy of your FFL or inquiring about a copy of our FFL please email FFL@campsitesportshop.com"

Did you find the gun of your dreams online and would like to buy it but it’s outside of New York State?
Do you need a firearm shipped out of state because you sold it or are transferring ownership?
We can help.
Transfers are common transactions. We perform both incoming and outgoing transfers for both long guns and handguns. Here’s how it works:

Incoming Transfers
The shipping FFL holder, usually a gun shop, needs a copy of our (The Camp-Site Sport Shop’s) FFL on file prior to shipping the firearm. We can provide a copy via Email, Fax or US Mail. Most dealers prefer Email or Fax because they are faster. Once the shipping dealer has the file copy they will ship the firearm to us and include a paper file copy of their FFL.

We do not accept firearms from individuals. We only perform FFL to FFL transfers.

Please ask whomever you are acquiring the firearm from to make certain that your name appears on the outside of the shipping carton. That way you can see the condition of the box and packaging and you know we have not touched your firearm without you present. Because of this policy please be sure to ask for a tracking number that you may track online through the carrier’s website (UPS, FedEx, USPS) and see when it arrives in our store. Once you see that we have your shipment come down to the shop and we’ll complete the necessary paperwork, perform the required background check and release the firearm to you.

Please keep in mind that when you are completing an incoming transfer you are purchasing a firearm from a third party and having it shipped here; you may not receive what you were expecting and you may have very little recourse. Problems may range from misrepresentation to outright fraud. Our function here at The Camp-Site Sport Shop is only to receive and completed the required background check and paperwork, If the firearm is not to your satisfaction we cannot be held responsible. We urge our friends and customers to be very cautious.

Outgoing Transfers
If ownership of the firearm is not being transferred you do not need to employ our transfer service.
If you are shipping a firearm to a repair facility (manufacturer or gunsmith) and ownership is not being transferred you may ship the firearm yourself and it is legal for the repair facility to return your firearm directly to you. You may also ship a firearm to yourself in another state. The key in the two previous examples is that ownership is not being transferred.

If ownership is being transferred:
Determine what FFL holder you would like us to transfer and ship the firearm to. Have that FFL holder Email, Fax or mail us a File Copy of their FFL referencing your name along with the make and model of firearm. Once we have the copy on file we can ship the firearm to them. We will include a File Copy of our own FFL and we will provide you with a tracking number at your request. We also can write the transferee’s name on the outside of the shipping carton to simplify things on the receiving end.

Transfers are a common transaction and we are very familiar with this complicated process and you can trust us to help you in an efficient and professional manner. We are shipping and packing experts, your firearm is safe with us.

Transfer Fees

Incoming Transfer

Amm Transfer are $10.00 per shipping carton
Any Handgun $55 per gun
Any Long Gun $45 per gun
If Someone attempts to transfer something that is not NYS Legal there is a $25.00 handling fee
added to the standard transfer fee.
If the item comes from a non FFL holder there is a $25.00 handling fee added to the standard
transfer fee.

Outgoing Transfers
Handgun $55 per gun Plus Shipping and Insurance Fees
Long Gun $45 per gun Plus Shipping and Insurance Fees
Please have an insurance value in mind when preparing to transfer a firearm
Handguns must ship 2nd day air or faster

Let us handle your transfers. Well take care of the work and put your mind at ease.

"If you are sending a copy of your FFL or inquiring about a copy of our FFL please email FFL@campsitesportshop.com"  

Click the link below to download a copy of our FFL. By downloading our FFL you agree to our transfer policies and services. We also ask that you get a tracking number from the online seller and track the package to our store, so that you know when it arrives.

Click here to agree to our transfer policies and services. The download link will appear.