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Sig Sauer model SCM 556cal rifle fixed mag version. Early offshoot of the famous Sig556 rifle made 2010-11 . Features A2 fixed stock, smooth gas piston operation, accepts standard AR mags, top rail , 2 position gas value, polymer tri-rail forearm,         2 stage trigger, ambi safety, crowned muzzle. Excellent condition from original owner. Great early example of Sig engineering. $895(60018)
AR7 Explorer by Charter Arms. 22 cal semi auto rifle. 2 avail. Super cool design.

Rifle breakdown and stores inside its stock , watertight- even floats! Each show minimal wear, no nicks and scuffs. These always go!
A) AR7 black stock, all original. $269(60000)
B) AR7 black stock, NIB all original. Box/papers, unfired estate piece. Great. $329(59999)
Remington mod 1100 12ga smooth bore slug shotgun in mint condition. No nicks or dings, perfect barrel, rifled sites, smooth action. Estate piece and doesn’t look Ike he even used it. Box/papers. $399(60010)
SW model 10-5 classic 6 shot 38cal 4" blued revolver. Good bluing, tight lockup.         SW medallion walnut grips. Made since 1899 with over 6 million made, making it the most popular handgun worldwide. Estate piece from early 1960s. $569(37017) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6190&cat=164

Ruger 1911 45cal pistol. Great value guns, made USA. Stainless steel frame, Commander size with 4" bbl, walnut grips, Novak 3 dot sites, oversized controls, skeletonized trigger. Mint condition with box/papers, holster, 2 mags, lock.               SAVE $519(36953) 

Browning SA22 22cal rifle. John Browning design and is the first semi auto 22cal rifle. Made 1914 to today. Takedown design, clever load thru stock ammo tube and bottom eject. We have a 1972 vintage Made In Belgium rifle. Excellent condition, flip up adjustable sites, scroll engraving, walnut checkered stock, blued trigger. Estate piece. You will be the second owner of this! $749(59871) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6152&cat=161

Parker Bros Trojan 12ga 30" barrel side by side shotgun.  The Trojan model was Parker's attempt to get into the less expensive market and to appeal to the "average" man. Guns were offered with no custom options, no engraving and simple checkering which kept costs down and made the factory processes easier and quicker. Trojans were made from 1912-39. We have a gorgeous 1929 family heirloom from their grandpa and nicest one I've seen. Retains 95% of CCB on reciever and barrel, wood is excellent overall with sharp checkering and screws appears untouched. All matching serial numbers including frame, barrel and forend. Slight wear by trigger guard and wood has nominal pressure dents and scratches. Bores are clean and chocked Mod/IM. Action closes tight, double trigger and extractors. Family is heartbroken but want her to go to a good home. $2250(59635)


Rossi model 62SA pump action 22cal gallery gun Takedown version. Fun guns, tube fed, NIB unfired and ready to go. $319(59998)

Winchester 1873 Sporting aka "The Gun That Won The West" and was the most successful rifle of the day. It was the go to rifle for ranchers, hunters and pioneers of the Wild Wild West. This one was well cared for. Wood has expected nicks and bumps but exhibits great character, beautiful even patina, clean bore. Mechanically excellent and all original. Estate sale, 24" octagonal barrel, chambered in 38WCFcal with ammo storage in stock, crescent butt plate, third model made 1890 with functioning dust cover. Great reasonable collectable $1499 (59400) *In 2014, a weathered model 1873 was found leaning against a tree in Great Basin National Park, Nevada. It became known as the “Forgotten Winchester” and ignited media interest because of the mystery about who left it there and why they never came back for it. I saw that exact rifle in the Winchester booth at the SHOT Show. I got chills! The rifle is now on permanent display at the visitors’ center at Great Basin NP. Check out the article. 



Browning Abolt Medallion bolt action rifle in 270 cal. Higher grade checkered walnut gloss stock, distinctive Rosewood caps with scroll engraving receiver and mag plate, sling and scope rings. Excellent condition estate piece ready to go! $599(59360) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6124&cat=161

Weatherby MkV  rifle chambered in potent 340 Wby Mag with  Bell Carlson black synthetic stock, ported 26" barrel . Developed by Roy in 1962 in direct response to Winchester's 338 Mag caliber from 1958. The 340 Wby also fits nicely in between its own 300 Wby and 378 Wby mag. Great for any N American and most African game. Rugged, durable. $999 (59517) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6138&cat=161

SW Combat Masterpiece model 67 SCPD Commemorative revolver with display case.  Made to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our very own beloved local Suffolk County PD. Features replica badge and uniform  commendation bar plus velvet lined display case. Revolver is engraved with SCPD badge and dates 1960-85.                  We have #51 from old salt lieutenant. Great piece of hyper local interest.                      Of course in NIB, perfect condition. These don't come in that often, but this is the nicest one. Collector? New recruit? Retiree gift? $650 (36520)                                               *Get it before Tucker does. http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5992&cat=164

Colt Sauer bolt action rifle . Durable black synthetic stock chambered in 3006 caliber with the smoothest bolt action you'll ever feel. Scope rings, ported barrel, detachable mag, sling. Shows typical hunting wear, nicks scuffs and scraps but bore and chamber are spotless. Great classic hunting rifles made 1973-84. $1199(59632)

Crescent Firearms Co . Makers of utilitarian shotguns. Company specialized in "house brand" private label firearms and were absorbed by Savage in 1931. Mod 60 Empire hammerless 12ga side by side shotgun. More CCB visible, action closes tight, wood with nicks and dings. 28" barrels are clean and choked Mod/IM. $299(59875) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6159&cat=162

Winchester model 67A 22cal classic target rifle. Made from 1934-63 and were the staple of a boys' youth. Introduced as an entry level version of the mod 60 with single cock operation and "Safe" /""Fire" lever similar to the M1903 of the time. We have great condition 27" barrel Sporting model circa very late 1930s. Everything there and all original. Neat item. $275 ( 59876) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6157&cat=161

Marlin classic 336 lever action rifle in potent 35Rem caliber. 1958 manufacture and overall amazing condition vs age. Expected minor wear and pressure dents in wood. Clean barrel. Estate piece. $419(59643)

SW model 38 M&P model of 1904 4th change version. Made from 1915-42. Improvements were made at the onset of WWI .  We have an all matching shooter grade 4" barrel revolver. Gun exhibits heavy holster wear on barrel , worn smooth SW grips, 38 S&W Special caliber, tight lockup, good bore. $499(36762)

Kimber Micro 380 Crimson Carry. Great subcompact 1911 design but in 380cal with laser grips (automatically activates when you grip the firearm) Great carry idea and spotless all over. Complete with box/papers from original owner. $549(36527) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5997&cat=163

Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match Series 70 45 cal 1911 pistol. All original blue /Colt Gold medallion walnut grips. Considered revolutionary for time. Adjustable trigger stop, tuned trigger, flared ejection port and a flat grooved top rib. The Colt Accurizer barrel and bushing were really the heart of the pistol. The Series 70 guns had an altered barrel bushing that had a ‘collet’ bushing with a series of rings to keep contact with the barrel. This made the gun more accurate and alleviated the change to the gun’s firing pin safety block. Own a piece of vintage Colt 1911 history way before all these custom gun makers came on the scene. Not a safe queen, definitely enjoyed, but very well maintained.  Manufactured 1974. $1599(34275) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5034&cat=163

Remington model 742, 3006 cal semiauto rifle. Rear peep site, excellent shape from original owner. Get it before Jordan does. $449(58154) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6096&cat=161

Mitchell repro model SAA revolver. Classic 45LC caliber, 4 3/4" bbl , bright SS finish , wood grips. Great shooters! $395(36601)

Ruger American 243 caliber bolt action rifle. Black synthetic stock, scope bases, soft pad, great trigger, good action, accurate. USA! $289(59593)

Ruger 22/45 22caliber target pistol. Grips angle same as your standard 1911 so you can practice on the cheap with 22s. Heavy 5.5 stainless steel target barrel and fully adjustable sites. Hit the range. $399(36388) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5960&cat=163                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Mossberg mod 500A 12ga pump action turkey special. Features Real Tree Camo with 20" ported barrel with fiber optic sites. Light weight , sling 3" chamber. Spring will be here in no time! Perfect condition. $299(59722) 

Browning BT99 12ga 32" trap shotgun. Features adjustable high gloss stock, stainless steel receiver with scroll engraving. Hi rib barrel, tight action and clean bore. Priced to Go Break Some Clays! $739(59766)  

Mossberg 12ga smooth bore pump action deer shotgun. 18" barrel, choked cylinder with flip up sites. Top tang safety, wood/blued. Ready to hit the woods! $199(59869) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6162&cat=162

Savage model 12 Varminter in classic 308 cal. Features 26" heavy fluted stainless steel barrel and action, brown laminate stock , soft recoil pad. Complete with box. Just add scope and ready to go! $699(59312) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6103&cat=161                                  

Western Field model 724A EHM bolt action rifle. 3006 caliber.  Beautiful rifle made in West Germany with full length Mannlicher wood stock, smooth bolt action with classic  butter knife bolt handle , cheeckpiece stock, lever mag release, factory flip up sites with 3x9 scope and sling swivels. Western field was the Department Store brand for many chain sporting goods stores. Great condition and becoming more popular from a collectable and memories standpoint. Haven’t seen one of these in a long long time. Pretty cool. $699(59289) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5968&cat=161


Remington 700 SPS 270 cal bolt action rifle . Mint condition with grey/black synthetic stock, scope rings, detachable mag. See Paul for a scope and hop in the tree stand. $489(57554) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6106&cat=161

Remington model 700 LTR  Remington model 700 LTR  (Light Tactical Rifle) cal bolt action rifle.223 cal. Compact design. Accurate. Spotless rifle with antihero cool looking Ghillie Green Hogue tacky feeling stock, adjustable trigger, fluted 20" bbl, with scope rail. From original owner with box&papers. Hit the range! SAVE $799(59815) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6165&cat=161

Browning Model 53 Deluxe lever action rifle in classic 32-20 caliber. Patterned after the original Winchester 53 manufactured as an update to the Winchester 1892 and made from 1924-32. We have a deluxe version with beautiful high figured walnut stock  checkering and pistol grip. Smooth lever, some minor bluing issues. Chambered in classic 32-20 caliber known as the first small-game round that Winchester produced for small game, varmints and now metallic target shooting. Limited to 5000 units in 1990 only. Estate piece w/o box- so shoot until your hearts content. $649(57702)https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5951&cat=161                                     

Winchester model 70 Extreme Weather SS in 308 cal bolt action rifle. Features indestructible grey composite stock with reliable pre-64 claw extractor with controlled round feed , 3 position safety, 26" fluted SS barrel and action with scope base. Estate piece and appears unfired. Ready for adventure. $895(57985) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6105&cat=161

Walther PPQ M2 (Police Pistol Quick Defense) 9mm pistol made in Germany . An evolutionary design featuring their 1st completely striker fired gun. Pulling the trigger engages a disconnect lever, which props up a sear hook, which releases the fully pre-loaded striker assembly, firing the pistol. Advantages are reliability, eliminates need for hammer so it's sleeker with no catches, same pull for each shot and quicker trigger reset on follow up shots. In perfect LNIB condition with 3 dot night sights, 4 mags, box/papers. Purchased here from original owner. $549(36831)

High Standard Supermatic Trophy 106 Military model 22 cal target pistol. Top of line target pistol, featuring gold plated trigger stop and pull, new safety and mag release. We have 7" fluted target barrel, made 1965-68. Well maintained inside and out. Military model designation denotes grip angle identical to the Colt 1911. These are finally being appreciated for their accuracy and good service and enjoying a comeback. $999(35589) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5917&cat=163

CZ model 455 22cal target rifle. Proven. Accurate. Good Looking. Immaculate condition,  purchased here new. With factory sites, sling swivels. Ready for the range! $349(59675)

ARES SCR 223cal semi auto rifle. Uses AR mags with rifle stock, flat top receiver, charging handle and dust cover. 50 state and NYC compliant. $825(59673) 

Thompson Center Omega 50 cal black powder rifle. Extend your season. Accurate, uses 209 primers for reliability. Synthetic/ stainless. With scope rings and sling. Estate piece and priced to shoot. $199(59633)  

Remington model 783 value priced bolt action rifle chambered in 7mm Rem mag cal. Black synthetic stock, removable mag, super soft recoil pad. Great overall and ready to go. Includes Leupold rings.  New Hunter or camp gun??$249(59385)

Browning ABolt Medallion bolt action rifle in 270 caliber. Gloss checkered walnut stock with classy rosewood caps, engraved receiver, cocked indicator, short throw bolt and detachable mag. Famous accuracy and reliability. Estate rifle with minor handling marks. Clean bore and action. $599(59360)

Herters brand bolt action rifle in 270 caliber. Yup, same as catalog company from your youth. They were an importer, distributor and retailer from 1960s -1979.                    They contracted out their rifles and most were patterned after famous rifles.                 We have an English made rifle with very low 3 digit serial number (2XX) from local collector. Strong action with cocking indicator, crisp trigger, oiled finish cheeckpiece walnut stock, Williams sites, scope rings and sling swivels.                                        Great reasonable collectable.  $549(58151) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6092&cat=161

Kimber 1911 Ultra CDP (Custom Defense Package) 45 cal compact pistol.                Two tone SS slide over blued frame, compact single action design, 3" bbl ,                      8 round capacity. Classic 1911 shape in compact design.                                             Priced to shoot @ $749(36509) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5996&cat=163

Weatherby Mark V bolt action rifle in 300 Wby Mag caliber. The most popular of all    the Weatherby calibers created by Roy in 1944. A favorite of big game hunters worldwide attaining 4223 ft-lbs of knockdown energy.  Checkered walnut stock features Rosewood cap and cheeckpiece. Deep bluing, super strong 9 lug action and Leupold rings. Classically beautiful estate piece in immaculate condition.                             Marked S Gate. $1049 (59564)

Browning Auto 5 Magnum 12 semi auto shotgun. Classic humpback design. 12ga 28" choked, mag cutoff, light scroll engraving. Soft shooters, reliable. Great overall. $695(57556)

HK VP9 mid size 9mm pistol. VP translates to "people's pistol" . Striker fired pistol with with a lighter pull and greater reliability. VP9s feature a rail system and are totally ambidextrous with interchangeable back straps to ensure proper grip. Glo Dot sites and loaded chamber indicator. Includes box, paper, 3 mags. Ready to go. $599(36897) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6170&cat=163

SW model 41 classic 22cal target pistol. 1962 vintage from original owner. Many will dream, only one will become the second owner of this. Pristine condition 7.5" bbl, with rare factory muzzlebrake , walnut target grips, spotless bore and bright bluing. 7 mags and spare grips. Highly sought after and only appreciating. $1400(36247) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5933&cat=163

USFA SAA Rodeo II matched set. Gorgeous pair of consecutive serial numbered 45LC revolvers. Made in USA in former Colt factory from 2008-12. These SAAs are in beautiful satin nickel finish, 5.5 " bbls w/ custom snake grips identical to those used by mercenary Clint Eastwood in the 1964 spaghetti western      " A Fistful of Dollars" .  Look out as his famous grips feature a brass inlayed rattlesnake shown coiled and ready to strike!! Real head turning pair. No drag lines and appear unfired w/ boxes/paperwork and sleeves. Special order consecutive serial numbered guns.  Perfect for you and shooting buddy? Family member?? Or keep both and channel your inner Clint. Great conversation starter and will make wonderful additions to your collection. $2999/set (358367) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-

Weatherby MkV bolt action rifle in potent 300 Wby Mag caliber. Features amazingly strong action in  black fiber stock, super soft recoil pad, Leupold scope rings, 28" fluted SS barrel that is factory ported.  The most popular of the Weatherby calibers created by Roy in 1944. One of the most powerful cartridges available and used by hunters worldwide. Capable of taking down any large game at any distance.                       Africa? Check. Out West? Sure. Alaska? No problem. Spotless condition. $1095(59512) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6115&cat=161

LeFever Nitro Special 12ga SxS shotgun. Dan LeFever was a brilliant and innovative firearms designer but a terrible businessman. After the failure of his namesake, Ithaca acquired the rights to the LeFever name and in 1921 Ithaca capitalized on the popularity of the LeFever name. They introduced the LeFever Nitro Special which was an economical field grade gun. We have a 1928 vintage shotgun in excellent condition with better than expected wear. Receiver shows an even patina, checkered walnut stock with edge wear, and pressure dents. 30" Barrels are excellent with minor nicks and spots, marked "LeFever Nitro Special, Ithaca, NY". Bores are clean and choked Full/Mod. Double trigger, top safety, extractors. Closes with authority.                       Great reasonable SxS. Don't miss out. $549 (59568A) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6179&cat=162

Remington 1100 12ga. 28" semi auto shotgun. Soft shooting guns, walnut/blued w/ scroll engraving. Mint condition, clean barrel, choked Mod $599(57308) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5864&cat=162

Winchester mod 50 Trap shotgun with trap stock, high comb . 12ga semi auto shotgun with 28" modified barrel, made 1954-61 and we have first model. With high gloss/ high figured walnut stock , clean bore, minor expected wear. Rare gun and trap markings, 2 beads, very soft shooting. Great classic . $975(57682) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6081&cat=162

Savage model 11 bolt action rifle in 22-250 cal. Great value rifles, AccuTrigger system, 24" heavy target barrel, scope rings and removable mag.  Varmints don't pop out around this. $399(57806)

Ruger Single Nine  22mag  revolver. Single action operation, 6" bbl, fiber optic sites . Ready to roll. $495 (35588) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5934&cat=164

Mossberg 930 12ga semi auto shotgun. Turkey setup in MOBU Camo. Fast action with pistol grip, fiber optic sites. Box/papers, from original owner. $519(59718)

Remington classic 742 Woodsmaster semi auto rifle in 3006 caliber. Popular hunting rifles made from 1960-80.  Wood/blued w/ scope base. Clean bore and functions perfectly. $475(57383) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5872&cat=161

Whitworth Mk X bolt action rifle chambered in potent 375HH. Classic English safari rifle. Strong action 3 Leaf Express sites for 3 different distances , beautiful checkered walnut cheekpiece stock, rosewood cap. Clean bore, minor handling marks . Ready for the next adventure. $999(60007)
Mossberg model 144LSB 22cal target rifle. Last of the 144 generation rifles made 1979-85 and features Mossberg s331 Aperture site and Lyman front, spotless 27” heavy barrel, cocked indicator. Never scoped or messed with. All original estate piece. The pinnacle of vintage Mossberg target rifles and cleanest one around! Take someone shooting! $449 (59994)
H&R Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Calvary model in 4570 cal . The Cavalry Carbine had a shorter 22” barrel and half-length forend with a saddle ring on the lefthand side and they were attached to a sling. This allowed the empty gun to be dropped without losing it to access a sabre or pistol. Carbines were carried in a saddle sleeve, though still attached by the sling. We have an iconic Cavalry model with saddle ring, single shot 4570 caliber, flip up sits, great wood and clean bore. From local collection and appears unfired. This replica made by H&R around 1971 to commentate H&R’s anniversary. Limited amount made and they pop thru once in a while . This one is definitely the nicest. Will be gone. $895(59991)
Ruger M77 bolt action rifle in 3006 cal. Very early 1975 era in spectacular condition. Gorgeous light walnut checkered stock , top tang safety with red butt pad, flip sites and scope rings. Sat in grandpa’s safe and appears unfired ! Cool early Ruger and nicest one I’ve seen. $595(60005)

H&R/ NEF Single Shot shotgun Topper Deluxe 12ga 28" 3.5" mag, screw in chokes, synthetic/blued/stainless receiver. $199(57805)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6082&cat=162

Baikal IZH single shot 12ga shotgun . 28" barrel , choked Mod . Simple operation, walnut stock , silver receiver. $219(59395) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6181&cat=162

Remington mod 700 Varmint Special 308 cal, heavy 24” barrel with high gloss walnut stock ,cheering with Rosewood cap and cheekpiece. From original owner , made 1967-94 and appears unfired. I like the wood stock varmint style. Old school . $895(60003)
Cimarron model 1873 Peacemaker SAA. Replica of the famous Colt revolver. The Colt SAA "Peacemaker" revolver was issued to US Calvary Officers. Gov't contracts specified  a 7 1/2"  barrel, CCB finish, boiled walnut grips and chambered in 45LC caliber. We have a gorgeous Italian made Cimarron Arms replica to those specs in fantastic "original finish" ( a brilliant finish designed to look old and weathered yet is new brand and durable) Ready to shoot and enjoy. $589(36920) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6180&cat=164

Browning Abolt II Medallion bolt action rifle chambered in rare 284cal.  The 284 Winchester caliber is enjoying a resurgence due to interest from hunters and long-range shooters. Introduced in 1963 with 270Win performance in brass about the size of a 308 but fatter holding the powder capacity of a 270/280 Winchester. We have a mint Medallion model with hi gloss walnut, factory scroll engraving on receiver and mag cover, 24" barrel and scope rings. Great stock with good figure on wood and Rosewood caps and sling. Bore is clean with strong Browning action. $1095(59359) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6119&cat=161

Winchester model 70 pre-64 Super Grade rifle chambered in 270cal. Amazing barn find made in 1954! Earliest one I’ve seen come thru here ever and I’m love . Features checkered walnut stock cheekpiece stock, jeweled bolt, 3 position safety, inletted swivels, bright bluing with flip up sites and Super Grade on floor-plate. Clean bore with minor handling marks. Great early American hunting classic. $2195(60001) (Win Mod 70 Super Express also avail)
Winchester 94 in 3030. Slightly rusted on receiver, only visible up close, from storage in gun case. Functions fine and bore is good. Great wood , 1970’s era. Excellent bones- use as is or give some TLC. $ 285(60011)

Rossi model 65 SRC lever action chambered in 4440cal. A John Browning design for Winchester completed in 2 weeks as the smaller, lightweight alternative to the larger Winchester 1886 , and chambered in pistol calibers. We have modern replica version with, dark walnut stock, crescent butt plate , 20” bbl with blued finish. Great condition. $389( 60002)
Ruger 10/22 22cal target. Birch stock , blued finish. Clean bore , few minor handling marks, great overall. 1977 vintage. Always go quick. $219(59996)

Mossberg 500 12ga pump action slug shotgun. Wood/ blued w/ fully rifled 24" factory ported barrel. Fiber optic sites. All there, ready to go. Fall is coming! $399(57429) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5879&cat=162

Browning ABolt Medallion bolt action rifle chambered in  7mm mag caliber. Higher grade checkered gloss stock with scroll engraving receiver and mag plate, sling and scope rings. Ported barrel to reduce recoil. Clean and ready for the chase. $699(59361) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6121&cat=161

Golden Eagle model 7000 bolt action rifle in 243 caliber. They were a Japanese manufacturer of high quality rifles for US distributors and even partnered with Winchester for a time. They were sold from the late 1970s up until mid-1980s. The model 7000 which is a Mauser bolt action rifle was chambered for most popular American rifle calibers, 24" barrel, walnut stock, rosewood pistol grip cap and forend tip.  They were finished in a high-gloss blue, the stock is checkered European walnut with a high-gloss poly finish and cheeckpiece . They had a look similar look the Weatherby rifles of the time. We have a well maintained estate piece from original owner. Includes scope rings . Doesn't appear really used that much if at all. Spotless bore and chamber, great character in the word with a few slight handling marks. These are slowly catching on in the collector market. $999(59363) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6125&cat=161

Stoeger Coach Gun 20 ga 20" bbl side by side. Wood w/ stainless receiver and blued barrel. Bang bang 2 trigger pulls ease of operation. Box/papers. Ready to go. $399(57886)  

Winchester model 12 vintage pump action shotgun. It was an evolutionary take off of a John Browning design for an internal-hammer, pump action shotgun with an external tube magazine. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction in 1912 it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns over its life. They were discontinued in 1964. Known for their durability and numerous versions. We have an original 12ga 28" in excellent condition choked Mod, waffle top receiver, original Winchester butt plate, wood is great with gentle lite patina on receiver. Clean internals and smooth pump. 1929 manufacture and earliest one I've seen. $799(57568) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5893&cat=161

AMT Lightning 22cal target pistol. Basically a low cost unauthorized  knockoff of the Ruger MKII target pistol made 1984-87 and resulted in a successful lawsuit from Ruger resulting in the discontinuation of the line. Stainless steel construction with 6.5" bull barrel on slab sided frame, adjustable mags and includes a Ruger mag for added drama. Interesting collectible . $425(36657) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6028&cat=163

REX Zero 1S 9mm pistol. Great value pistol made in Eastern Europe. Similar characteristics and feel as a Sig Sauer P226/229 pistol . Features G10-like grips, ambi safety/decocker, under rail with front cocking serrations. Accurate and smooth. A great alternative from a brand new company. Box/papers /2-10 red mags. $449(36970)

Weatherby Mark V rifle made in Germany. Chambered in potent 300 Wby mag caliber. Demand for the Mark V quickly exceeded Weatherby's manufacturing capability early on, so the company contracted with JP Sauer in West Germany to build production Mark V rifles until the early 1970s when production was moved to Japan. We have a family heirloom rifle well cared for with great hi figure stock w/ one pressure dent, Rosewood caps, cheekpiece stock , sling swivels and scope rings. It is one of Roy's most popular calibers and is depended upon by hunters worldwide. Rarely come thru like this. $1399(59362) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6123&cat=161

Springfield 1873 Trapdoor “unofficial model 1877” mfg in 1878 in 45-70cal, cut down to 24” barrel length and no longer has sights. $475 (55938)

Mauser K98 Czech manufacture in classic 8mm caliber. Post war vintage, number matching, great blond stock, winter trigger guard, elevator sites. Classic battle rifle. $795(59856)
Winchester model 70 Super Express 375HH caliber rifle. Estate piece from 1984 in perfect immaculate condition. Features checkered walnut stock with heavy 24” barrel with express quick acquisition sites, , inlet Ted sling swivels and convenient 3 position safety with classic red Winchester butt pad. New Haven production. $1249(59992)
Marlin model 336BL 3030 cal lever action rifle. Nice brown laminate stock , large loop lever, safety, factory sites. All there. $449(59946)
Colt Detective Special . Classic 6 shot 2” barrel revolver. We have a Fourth Series revolver that was part of the first major redesign of the Detective Special. Colt added a new heavy version that added a shroud to cover the ejector rod with a long ramped front sight, smooth trigger and was now +P rated for the first time. We have stainless steel 1975 era revolver with comfy Pachmayer rubber grips , perfect timing and clean bore w/ holster. $425(37114) 
Ruger 10/22 Target. 22 caliber rifle featuring Ruger’s Hammer Forged stainless steel heavy 20” target barrel with unique spiral finish and black laminate stock. Rifle is pristine with scope rings and neoprene cheekrest. Add a scope and hit the range! $389(59887)



Stoeger Coach Gun 20ga SXS black finished hardwood stocks, double triggers, 20” polished nickel barrels and receiver. Firearm is in great shape and perfect simple home defense gun. $399 (57341) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6057&cat=162

Savage 63M Mannlicher 22LR, 18” barrel single shot, wood stock. Great starter for a kid $98 (57577)

Uberti mod 1875, Replica of the famous SW model 3 made 1870-1915.  US General Schofield improved the design for Calvary use. The top break design is spring latched to allow for ejecting the spent shells while riding on horseback. We have a beautiful Italian made Uberti finished in bright nickel finish with faux pearl grips, 7" barrel, chambered in 45LC caliber. W/ box. $1099(36783)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6184&cat=164 

Remington 700 SPS in 270win, 24” blued barrel, detachable magazine, black composite stock with grey rubber inserts, rings and bases. Great for the guy that wants a little more power! $499 (57554)

Kimber Micro 9. Super compact, lightweight, single action 9mm pistol. Stainless steel finish with Rosewood grips in mint condition . W/ box, case, 2 mags from original owner.  $475(36923) 

SW model 37 38 cal revolver, very early 1960's manufacture,  No Dash version, rare flat latch with sought after original SW Diamond grips all in amazing condition with very minor edge wear at the barrel.  Barrel marked   "Airweight" , with alloy frame, bright bluing with tight lockup. I haven't seen one in this condition since, well, forever. Estate piece from original owner. $999 (36894)

Bersa Thunder 380CC compact pistol. With box. Not much else to say..... $199(36653) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6029&cat=163Taurus Tracker 357 mag revolver scoped package. Features 6" ported barrel, stainless steel finish, 7 rounds, mounted with 2.5 power scope plus factory sites. Range use one outing. Save! $449(36650) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6031&cat=164   

Springfield Armory XDS 9mm subcompact pistol. Two tone w/ polymer frame/ SS slide. Grip safety, ambi mag release, gear kit and hardcase. Like new. SAVE. $429(35650) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5546&cat=163

Remington 700 Police bolt action rifle in 300WM caliber. Accurate, reliable. In perfect condition, includes bi pod, muzzle brake , crisp trigger and 40MOA scope rail. Reach ut and touch something. $949 (59598)


Kimber K6S 1st Edition revolver. Beautiful high grade mirror polish finish of Kimber's first revolver. Features hammerless design with flat-sided cylinders for compactness, crispest match grade DAO trigger, exotic striped Pau Ferro wood grips, (Brazilian wood used for making fingerboards for electric basses and guitars), smooth snag-free edges , made 2016 and we have serial number 49! Features glass and velvet wooden display case. Pristine, unfired estate piece. Nice addition to your collection. $1649(35970)

Walther PPX 9mm 4" barrel pistol. DAO action w/ bobbed hammer, 3 dots sites, rail. Made in Germany 2013-14. Mint like new condition with box/papers. $365(36656) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6032&cat=163

Just Right Carbine 9mm rifle. Accepts Glock mags, Thordsen stock top rail system plus tri rail fore end. No kick at all, super fun to shoot. Great condition. $(59270)
Marlin model 30AS /336 3030 cal lever action rifle. Clean , original. Made 1983-2007. We have an early uncheckered birch stock version with Marlin rubber butt pad. Scope rings and hammer extension plus factory sites. Estate gun. $399(60185)
Sig Sauer 1911 45cal pistol classic single action configuration in immaculate condition. Durable Nitron finish with walnut grips, factory Sig nite sites, under rail, 4” Commander size. Known their accuracy and dependability. Hot hot hot. SAVE $795(37084)
Ruger Mini 14 223 cal rifle. Wood/blued with peep site. Excellent all over , 1983 manufacture. $625(60004)

Sig Sauer model SHR970(Swiss Hunting Rifle) 3 barrel rifle setup.  Known for being super high quality and accurate, the SHR has a very fast lock time with a 65-degree short throw bolt and locks directly to the barrel for quick shots. The gun also has a unique bedding block system, 3-position safety, detachable box magazine , cocking indicator and ability to quick change barrels. We have synthetic stock version made 1999-02  with 3 barrels from original owner.  Package is in excellent condition and features 270Win, 25-06 cal and 300 Win barrels which cover a wide variety of game in one system. Includes mounted Nikon 3-9x50 scope, original hardcase and papers. Can handle any adventure you throw at it. $1599(59634)

Mossberg ATR (All Terrain Rifle)bolt action 3006 caliber rifle. Black, synthetic stock, 20" fluted barrel, scope bases. Functions fine. Clean. New shooter or camp gun?? Great value @ $289(58142)

Springfield Armory 45 cal 1911 pistol. Full size 5” Government version, blued finish , NM National Match prefix serial number. Made in USA. Tight lockup and action . Known for their accuracy. Aftermarket rubber grips. Early gun. Fully functioning and great shooters. $ 695 (37138)
Marlin model 336RC lever action rifle in potent 35Rem caliber. Made in 1968 and in immaculate condition. Wood is pristine, JM marked barrel, deep bluing, smooth lever and clean bore. Ready for the field . $449(59894)

SW mod 10-3 w/ heavy 4” pinned bbl 38cal revolver. Owned by an old salt NYPD officer. Gun dates back to 1961 and retains tons of character. Including and not limited to major holster wear and worn to the bone smooth SW medallion grips, scratched, nicked and dinged up. Still functions great w/ good bore. $349(37130)
HK USP45 45cal full pistol, Variant 1 w/ decocker/ safety for RH shooter, ambi mag release, loaded chamber indicator. Great shooters and ready to go. $489(37065)
Winchester model 43 bolt action rifle in scarce 32-20/32WCF caliber. Dubbed the “Poor Man’s Model 70” . Made 1948-57. We have a low 4 digit 1948 serial number plus chambered in the rarest of all 4 caliber produced. Good wood, non-checkered, original waffle butt plate, period sling and old scope. Mechanics appear to be in perfect working order. Wear by trigger guard, 2 mags. Fantastic shooter grade from local estate. $799(60021)

Colt 1911 government pistol in 38 Super caliber. Full size stainless steel pistol w/ box/papers . The 38 Super caliber made a comeback in IPSC pistol shooting competitions w/ more muzzle energy over the traditional 45ACP except with 1or 2  more rounds in mag and less recoil for faster follow up shots, thus producing faster stages and overall better scores.  Lets hit some targets! $749(35893)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5766&cat=163                                                      

Mossberg Patriot 308cal, 22” fluted barrel, black composite stock, 1 detachable magazine, includes rings and base. A home run @ $289 (57311) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6079&cat=161

Cimmaron Arms mod 1873. Replica of the famous Winchester lever rifle made from 1872-1923. It was tremendously popular during that time and was billed as                "The Gun That Won The West" . We have a gorgeous Italian made rifle, chambered in classic 45LC caliber, with beautiful CCB receiver, walnut stock with 19" octagonal bbl.    Super clean, estate piece. $1089(59233)                                                                                                   

Weatherby Orion 12ga over/under shotgun. Tight closing action, 30" VR barrels, top safety, interchangeable chokes. Good stock with few minor handling marks, bright bluing, great barrels. $929(59358) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6132&cat=162

Colt Agent 6 shot 2” bbl revolver. Basically a cousin to the Colt Cobra with a shorter barrel. We have a Series 1 model made in transition year of 1966 using a D frame to simplify production. LW suffix serial number, Colt silver medallion grips , stripped finish, shooter grade. Good lockup and function. Includes holster. $319(37113)
Maverick HS 12ga over/under home security shotgun. 18” barrel , top rail. Ease of operation. Ready for duty. $299(59889)
Rock River Arms 223cal AR, fixed mag version with removable flat top rail,flip up sites,heavy barrel, Hogue grips and sling. Clean, accurate, fun! $849 (59210)
Kahr K9 9mm stainless steel pistol in perfect condition. Good ergonomics, great shooters. Compete with box&2 mags. $489(37058)
Mossberg 500 Slugster 12ga pump action shotgun. 18” smooth bore, flip up rifled sites, wood/blue, top safety. Perfect for SC January Deer season! $265(60186)

Ithaca model 37 pump action in rare 16ga with Featherlite barrel choked Mod. Smooth stock with grooved forearm, bottom eject, made 1946-52. Expected nicks, marks and wear with clean internals and barrel. $499(59369) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6133&cat=162

SW MP40 LNIB condition with box /papers /2 mags/gear kit. 4" bbl, ambi slide release, loaded chamber indicator. These are great and priced to shoot. $399(35694)
Dan Wesson V-Bob 1911 in .45. Commander 4" Barrel with Heine sights. Super durable black duty finish. (No longer made) $1695 (34325)

SW 640 classic snag free hammerless design . Chambered in 38 special caliber, 5 shot, 2" bbl, stainless steel frame, rubber grip. Shows holster wear , bore is great and closes tight. $$399(36749) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6073&cat=164

Savage MK II 22 cal bolt action target rifle. Features heavy 24" fluted target barrel, famous Accutrigger, scope rings, target stock. Known for their accuracy and great value. Just add scope and hit the range. With box.  Spotless from original owner. $ 449 (56252)


Walther PPS M2 9mm includes 4 magazines and original box $389(35616)                           


SW Mod 60 & 36 Revolvers. Classics!   

SW mod 36, very early no dash version in classic 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Deep blue finish, with absolutely no wear, 2" bbl, original SW wood medallion grips, round butt. Beautiful, in better than expected condition. Rarely seen in this condition.     I'm smitten. $699(34844)        

SW model 36-7 lightweight, 5 shot, 38 caliber, blued, SW medallion Rosewood grips. Comfortable, balanced. Marked Lady Smith. W/ LS case. $495(36919)  

SW model 36 early "No Dash" model in shiny nickel finish. All original beauty in 38 cal w/ 2" bbl, SW walnut silver medallion grips. Local estate, clean, tight lockup. W/ period LH holster. You will be only the 2nd owner of this! $799(33396) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5929&cat=164

SW mod 36 “ no dash “ “flat latch” version. Blued finish 2” pinned barrel. Shooter grade exhibits holster/ carry wear, edge wear, non original wood grips. Good bore and timing / lockup. Carried a lot;shot a little. Made 1950-66 and nickname dubbed by collectors to acknowledge SW’s attempt to make the guns as small and snag free as possible for the era. $385 (37131)                                                                                                                                                                                            

Stevens 940A 12ga single shot, 28” bbl choked Mod. Great condition w/ game scene engraving ,break-open release lever. Pristine. $185(60013)

USFA SAA 45LC NIB, 5.5" bbl , factory engraved frame and barrel with deep deep blue finish, simulated Ivory grips . These were manufactured in Colt's old factory. 

Estate sale. Spectacular and ready for a new home.  $3095(32371)    http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5079&cat=164                                                                                      

Winchester Trails End model 94 44mag lever action rifle. Made 2004-06 with 18” octagon barrel and beautiful CCB receiver and crescent butt plate. Includes precision factory peep site .You missed it first time. Rifle of course NIB from estate of Winchester collector. Don’t miss it again! $1049(60022)
Sig Sauer P227 45cal pistol. Full size alloy frame 10 round 45 caliber pistol. Sig ergonomics with decocker/safety, wraparound grips , under rail, 3 dot sites. Mint condition from original owner. W/ box/papers/ 2 mags. $ 795(37240)

ASM 36caliber black powder revolver. Made in Italy , replica of the famous Colt 1851 Navy revolver. Navy scenes on cylinder, brass frame. Have some old school fun with this. $199(37115)
Ruger LCP sub compact 380 cal pistol. Box, case, 1 mag, lock. Our sticker still on box. A no brainer @ $119(37069)

Ruger super rare Blackhawk flat top version, first year of manufacture. 44mag from 1st year of manufacture 1956 , bearing low 3 digit serial number. All original condition with Micro adjust sites, Ruger silver medallion wood grips, 6 1/2" barrel. Some minor holster wear and expected nicks and pressure dents,  but overall amazing condition from local estate . Barrel is clean with tight lockup. Earliest one I've ever seen. Perfect addition to you collection. You will be the second owner of this! Not duplicated. $999(36530)         I'm in love! http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6000&cat=164

Taurus model 605 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Super lightweight & compact polymer frame, rubber grips hi viz sites. All there and priced to move @ $259(35511) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5549&cat=164                                                                     Kel Tec  P3AT with full flat dark earth finish.  Great pocket gun in .380 ACP              $199 (30661)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5033&cat=163                                                                                                         

Kahr PM 45 .45 acp with night sights.  Comes with 1 magazine $425 (30400)


Weatherby  MK V rifle in potent 340 Wby caliber. Capable of taking any N American big game and most African game, 340 Wby was introduced by Roy in 1962. Flat shooting w/ tons of takedown. This MK V is stainless steel / synthetic w/ rings and is in LNIB condition. Ready for your next adventure. Includes box and sling. Great value@ $999 (55412) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5087&cat=161                                                  

CZ P10 Compact 9mm pistol, in LNIB condition w/ tan polymer frame factory adjustable night sights, ambi slide release and loaded chamber indicator. Great value guns. Purchased here new, from original owner. $495(33144) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5064&cat=163

SW MP40 40 cal pistol. Full size frame, 10 rounds. Great shooters and this one is mint. Save. $395(31117)


Winchester mod 12 pump action shotgun. Known for their hand fitted internals and, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns. Manufactured from 1912-64 it was popular with shotgunners being dependable and rugged and reliable enough to be used in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This one is the Trap version with 28" Vent rib ported bbl and choked Full. Well enjoyed. $649(53947A)



Ruger Blackhawk engraved 357 cal revolver. Gorgeous, NIB condition deep blue finish with gold scroll engraving, brass frame with faux ivory grips. $1495(32370)


Mossberg 590 Tactical 12ga pump action home protection shotgun. Ghost ring site with red front, 20” bbl, bayo lug and full stock. Ready to go! $449(59997)
H&R Topper 12ga single shot shotgun. 2 3/4” chamber, choked Mod. $139.95(60068)
SW MP15 223 cal fixed mag rifle in spotless condition. Features tri-rail forearm with flat top rail system. Range use for outing only from original owner. All there. $699(60063)
Stevens model 57E 20ga pump action shotgun. Functions fine, good bore. Some rust on barrel from storage in a gun case. Choked Mod with 28” bbl. Needs TLC or camp gun. $135(60081)
Ruger American 223cal bolt action rifle. Great value rifles. Accurate and reasonably priced. Black synthetic stock with precise Leupold rings, strong action with cocked indicator. This is really be gone! $279(60052)

Remington 870 Wingmaster Trap 12ga pump action shotgun. 30" barrel choked Full.

Clean, smooth pump action, hi gloss stock. Great shape, lightly used. Ready to go. $499(56838)




G17 Gen5 9mm full size pistol. New ambi slide release, stippled grip with flare mag well, double recoil spring day more. Perfection in your hand. Break in grease still visible. 3mags, box/papers. Hit the range. $419 (37078)
G17 Target 9mm full size pistol . Features Vortex Venom Red Dot scope, mag well, stippled grip and 3 weighted 10 round  drop free mags. Well maintained with boxes and papers. Hit The Range. $549(36978)

G19 GEN4 9mm pistol, factory night sites, clean, breaking grease still visible. Box/paper/ 1 mag. $419(36903)

G27 Gen3 40cal pistol. Excellent condition, 4 mags w/ box. Ready to go@ $369(36626)                                                                  

G26 compact 9mm pistol, clean internals and barrel, slight carry wear. Box/ 2 mags from original owner. $369(36962)

G26 9mm subcompact, NS Gen4 stippled grip, 2 mags w/ factory night sites , 2 mags finger ext. CLEAN. $449(35635) 


G26 “custom” stippled grip,9mm KKM barrel and Trijicon night sights $519(34905)

G27 Gen4 40cal compact pistol. Mint condition and well maintained. 3mags, backstraps, box/papers. Our sticker still on box. $399(37057)
G36 45 cal pistol, slim single stack design, 2-6 road mags, box, super clean. $ 495 (36727) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6072&cat=163

G36 slim compact 45cal pistol. Great condition with 3 mags, holster and pouch. Clean clean clean. $399(37112)

G43 newest and most popular carry pistol. Slim design 6 round 9mm pistol. Break-in grease still visible. Includes holster and 2 mags. A total no brainer. $369(36501)

G43 subcompact single stack  9mm pistol. Perfect with XS big Dot sits, box/papers/ 2 mags. $399(37010) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6176&cat=163










SW M&P340 357mag revolver, 1 7/8” barrel, smooth hammerless design, 5 shot,

Trijicon front sight, Crimson Trace Laser grip, 13oz! $775 (34904)


Smith & Wesson Model 640-2 Full stainless 38spl. 1 7/8” barrel, 5 shot, black plastic grips $469 (34948)

Springfield Armory XD 40 Mod 2 subcompact pistol. Perfect condition from original owner. Complete with 3 mags, gear kit, box papers and lock. Do not buy new!  $354.35(23233)

Sig Sauer P938 compact 9mm pistol. Features Siglite night sites, SA operation, black nitron finish, Sig rubber grips. Gun is perfect, purchased here with 2 holsters, box/papers. Ready to go! $519(37199)
Springfield Armory M1A standard in 308 caliber, cool Flat Dark Earth furniture with 22” parkerized barrel, 2 stage trigger and fully adjustable sites. Classic, accurate. From original owner. W/ case. Mint all over. Ready to hit the range! $1349(59972)
Beretta PX4 Storm 40cal pistol. Compact in size yet large enough for 10 rounds. Decocker /safety. Rotating barrel. Priced to shoot @$378.20 (37066)
Thompson Center Hawken 50cal muzzleloader. Estate piece, hung on wall. Appears unfired. Octagonal barrel with brass highlights, walnut cheekpiece stock, adjustable sites, wooden ramrod. I need this gone. Steal me @$299 (59995)
Tikka T3 Lite bolt action rifle in popular 3006 cal. Rifle in perfect like new condition, stainless steel/synthetic stock . Strong action, accurate, loaded chambered indicator, scope rings and sling. Just add a scope and go! Will be gone @$475(60058)

SW model 36 classic 2" blued 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Rubber grips, good bore and functions fine. Carried by old salt detective and it exhibits holster wear, nicks, dings, spots of pitting and tons of character. Ready for second owner. $125( 36760) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6074&cat=164

Browning ABolt in ripping 22-250 caliber. Capable of attains 4000 FPS the short action caliber is popular for varmints and small game. The 22-250 started out life as a hot wildcat caliber in the late 1930s until Browning made a bold move in 1963 by cataloging it before ammo was even being produced for it! The rest is history as it gained commercial success and acceptance. This ABolt features synthetic stock, scope bases, cocking indicator, and Browning's super strong action and accuracy. $425(55063) 

Mossberg 500 12ga 24" turkey pump action shotgun. Woodland camo finish, ported barrel. A workhorse. $289 (50893)   


Savage mod 99 lever action chambered in 25-35 WCF cal . 1909 manufacture,

round counter , crescent butt plate, never scoped. (57227)*NOW $599*


Browning Buckmark Plus Lite UFX .22LR with 5.5" Barrel.  Comes with Williams Hiviz Sights, box, papers and 2 - 10 Round magazines.  $389(35466)
Winchester mod 94 in 30WCF (3030) caliber, made 1906. Short 18" brush bbl , expected wear. A piece of Americana! $729 (46917A)
Sig Sauer 1911 “square style slide”, 45cal, 4” barrel, blued, rosewood grips, Siglite night sights, 2 8rd magazines, box and papers $765 (33903)


Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag safe queen. NIB unfired, 1982 vintage. Estate piece and found in bottom of safe. Blued finish, 7.5" bbl.

None finer. Hurry. $575(35766) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5586&cat=164

Kahr P380 subcompact polymer 380 caliber pistol. Total package with factory night sites plus Crimson Trace trigger guard laser, 2 mags w/ box&papers.                              A great setup from original owner. $599(33413) 


Sig Sauer P230 blued, LNIB and appears unfired from original owner. 380 caliber.  Features flat, slim design, 2- 7 round mags, test target and old school box. Becoming more appreciated and sought after. $499(36602)                                     Ruger 9E (9Essential) value level full size 9mm pistol. Meat and potatoes version of the SR9 with only the “essential “elements needed. Great value- holster and 2 mags. $229(37198)
Tikka T3X Varmint model bolt action rifle in 223 cal. Rifle is in perfect NIB condition w/ factory stickers still attached! Do Not Buy New. Features 26” heavy barrel designed to eliminate vibration and withstand heat. Black synthetic stock with soft recoil pad and cheekpiece with adjustable trigger. Known for their great value and accuracy. Includes scope base. $779 (60048)
Ruger 1022 22 cal semi auto rifle , wood/ blued with older scope. Great shape, ready to plink. $199(60079)
Browning BT99 12ga single shot Trap shotgun. 32” ported barrel with choke and high rib, scroll engraving on receiver. Clean, tight, with Browning leather case and 3 chokes from original shooter. $899(60074)                           

Mossberg mod 535 12ga pump action shotgun in Mossy Oak Breakup Camo. -12ga 28" bbl plus deer barrel, fiber optic sites. 3.5" chamber. Fall is coming. Box& papers. Turkeys and deer beware. $399(57735) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5979&cat=162

Savage model 11 bolt action rifle in 22-250 cal. Great value rifles, AccuTrigger system, removable mag.  Varmints don't pop out around this . $399(57806)                        Kimber Solo carry two tone 9mm, black frame & stainless slide, 2 6rd magazines, box & papers $499 (34897)

Winchester mod 70 XTR bolt action rifle in 270win caliber. Pristine estate piece with cheeckpiece stock, 3 position safety, early transitional model pre USRA w/ Winchester stamped butt pad, barrel marked XTR. Features period Tasco scope, checkered stock and sling swivels.  Possibly unfired. WOW. $999(55862)


Mossberg 835 Ultimag 12ga pump action Camo turkey hunter. Features MOBU Camo w/ 24 ported turkey barrel, extended Full choke, 3 1/2" chamber and fiber optic sites. Ready for Spring season! Priced to hunt $395(56989)


Weatherby MkV  rifle chambered in potent 340 Wby Mag with  Bell Carlson black synthetic stock, ported 26" barrel . Developed by Roy in 1962 in direct response to Winchester's 338 Mag caliber from 1958. The 340 Wby also fits nicely in between its own 300 Wby and 378 Wby mag. Great for any N American and most African game. Rugged, durable. $999 (59517) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=6138&cat=161

Rossi 44mag model R92 lever action. Carbine size with 16" bbl, full tube, classic wood/blued. Beautiful and fun to shoot. Ready for stagecoach protection. $449(60082)
Ruger SP101 357mag revolver. Stainless steel, 5 shot and 2” bbl with Ruger rubber grips. Perfect condition. Will be gone. $429 (37187)
Marlin 336RC 3030 caliber lever action rifle. 1950 era with expected wear and marks, slightly rusted from storage in gun case but barrel is fine. Function great, all original. $249.95 (59644)
SW Bodyguard 380cal sub compact pistol. Box, case, 2 mags. a no-brainer. $129(37216)
Browning XBolt bolt action rifle in 7mmMag caliber. Rifle in great condition, clean bore and internals with Leopold rings and sling. Black synthetic stock, crisp trigger with cocked indicator and super soft recoil pad. $619(60201)

























Non NY Compliant  

Out of State Customers Only / LE Sales Only                                                      


HK 91 308 kal  rare Saco imported rifle. Imported in 1977-78. Estate piece and all correct. You Will Be The Second Owner. This famous rifle was discontinued in 1989 and are appreciating more each time Beto opens his mouth. Spotless bore, HK's famous and brilliantly designed diopter sites-which are easily adjustable and compensate for required distance, A1 fixed stock, muzzle-brake . Patented delayed roller action reduces recoil and is supremely reliable. Highly sought after. None finer.  I'm In love! If you are an HK aficionado this will be at the top of your list. $3295(59381)  https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=6140&cat=156     

Colt AR vintage SP1 model 1974 manufacture with recognizable triangle forend , fixed carry handle bayo lug and flashhider. Clean bore and chamber from local estate making you the only the second owner.  Highly collectable. Make room in the safe!  $1999(59380) https://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=6140&cat=156

SW mod 5946 9mm pistol, SS frame with 3- 17 rnd mags. DAO action, 3 dot sites. Great shooters and becoming more sought after. From original owner, complete with box and all papers. Super popular LE firearm, made 1990-99. $499(36717) 

Intratec TEC 9 / AB10 version of the classic firearm. Manufactured in Fla 1997-2000. Featured in over 40 movies, 10 TV shows, countless rap videos and, 13 video games. The TEC 9 was vilified by the media and other sources with misinformation regarding the firearm, causing the company to close in 2001. After the Clinton gun ban of 1994, to make it compliant Intratec duly removed the evil barrel shroud and threaded barrel, plus only offered 10 round capacity mags, dubbing the new variant AB-10 ("After Ban"). This one is from estate of original owner w/ box and papers. Cool era piece never to be made again. You will be the second owner of this famous pistol. $595(35908)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=5808&cat=156 

ISSC MK22 head turning SCAR clone in economical 22 cal. 16" bbl, front/ rear folding sites, plus picatinny style rail mounts. $389 (36985)