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Stoeger P350 Pump Black Synthetic

The Stoeger P-350 pump action shotgun is a reliable hunting gun designed to fire any 12-gauge ammunition, from light target loads to 3-1/2” magnum.

A fore-end assembly with twin action bars delivers smooth, non-binding cycling. And every P-350 comes with five choke tubes, so you’re covered for any type of game. An optional 13-ounce, mercury-filled recoil reducer tames the kick of heavy ammunition.

With several different models and finishes to choose from, there’s a Stoeger P-350 model at a great price for any hunting or defense need.

Gauge: 12
Magazine Capacity: 4 + 1

Option: Black Synthetic | Barrel Length: 18.5" - $299.00
Black Synthetic | Barrel Length: 26" - $299.00
Black Synthetic | Barrel Length: 28" - $299.00
Black Synthetic Pistol Grip ( fixed C ) | Barrel Length: 18.5" - $329.00