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Stoeger Condor Outback

With 20 barrels, the Condor Outback is easy to maneuver and quick to shoulder, whether in tight cover or home protection situations. The 12-gauge or 20-gauge Condor Outback features 3 chambers and a box-lock type, over & under action. Extractors lift empty hulls from the chamber for easy removal.

The open, rifle-style sights include a notched rear sight and fixed-blade front sight for quick target acquisition and precise aiming. The Condor Outback shoots a wide variety of ammo, from slugs to magnum turkey loads.

Improved cylinder and modified, screw-in choke tubes are included. Accessory choke tubes include flush and extended cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full.

The Condor Outback features machine-turned, jeweled monobloc sides and is available in a variety of finishes: American walnut, polished nickel, and black finished hardwood.

Option: Condor Outback 12ga 20" Blued/Satin Walnut - $449.00
Condor Outback 12ga 20" Nickel/Black Walnut - $479.00