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Hubertus Drilling made in Germany. 16ga side by side over 8.8mm rifle. Nitro proofed, clean bores and barrel, hammers w/ cocking indicators, double trigger, under trigger opener, built in sling swivels, w/ check piece stock and rounded pistol grip. Neat estate piece, excellent overall. All matching receiver, forend and barrel, original buttplate. Action closes with authority. Very very well maintained. I'm in love. $999 (54999)


Benchmade Arcane Gold Class limited edition knife. A Chad Nichols collaboration with Benchmade is unique and loaded with features. Benchmade’s first Gold Class AXIS assist opener. Integrated safety, 3.25” drop point blade has been upgraded w/ Chad Nichols scarab pattern Damascus and has an HRC of 58-60. The handle is smooth milled titanium with a chromium nitride coating. It features Chad Nichols Scarab pattern   Moku-Ti inlays on both the front and the back scales. The back spacers are a coordinating Pharoh pattern. Finally, the custom tip-up pocketclip is a matching           Moku-Ti. Weights 4 oz and of course made in the good ol’ USA.                                                                               We have serial number 49 of only 100 manufacture!

Brand new – just arrived w/ case and Cert of Authenticity. This truly rare and limited piece will be a great addition to your collection. $1600.


Henry pump action rifle 22mag, walnut stocks, perfect condition $419(56762)


Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match Series 70 45 cal 1911 pistol. All original blue /Colt Gold medallion walnut grips. Considered revolutionary for time. Adjustable trigger stop, tuned trigger, flared ejection port and a flat grooved top rib. The Colt Accurizer barrel and bushing were really the heart of the pistol. The Series 70 guns had an altered barrel bushing that had a ‘collet’ bushing with a series of rings to keep contact with the barrel. This made the gun more accurate and alleviated the change to the gun’s firing pin safety block. Own a piece of vintage Colt 1911 history way before all these custom gun makers came on the scene. Not a safe queen, definitely enjoyed, but very well maintained.  Manufactured 1974. $1599(34275) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5034&cat=163 


Colt SAA Estate Collection from a local collector. Certainly the most well-known and collected revolver worldwide and in almost continual production since 1873.               We have the largest collection I've ever seen. Great representations of each model from earliest Gen1 I’ve seen up to a 1998 Model purchased here!             

2)HELP:Colt SAA  Gen 1 made 1906 , chambered in 32WCF caliber needs to be restored to its former glory. All Matching serial numbers. Needs lovin and the gentle touch of refinishing and new grips but the potential is huge. Summer project or Turnbull restoration? $1195  (33567)


3) Colt SAA Bisley Frontier Six Shooter version. Features comfortable Bisley target grip angle and wide hammer , chambered in 44-40 "Frontier" caliber, matching the ammo used in the Winchester rifles of the West during that period, creating a huge convenience of carrying a single caliber of ammo.  We have a gorgeous Gen 1 SAA , 1907 manufacture with a beautiful even patina, Colt rearing horse grips, screws appear untouched, matching serial numbers on frame and trigger guard. Left side of  4 3/4 " barrel has (Bisley Model) Colt Frontier Six Shooter, good bore. Estate piece. $2195(33568)


4) Incredible find Colt SAA Gen 1 vintage 1884, all matching serial numbers barn find!! This gives me chills!  Features original grips, chambered in 45 cal with 4 3/4" bbl , great bore , also referred to as Gunfighter model. Beautiful patina throughout. Oh, the stories this could tell and the places it has been. Do Not Delay. Not duplicated. A great addition to your collection and pure Americana! $7500. (33564)



5)Colt SAA 44 Spec time warp piece. Unturned, all original, original cardboard box, early Gen 3 1979 vintage from Colt collector's estate. NONE finer! Deep bluing, CCB receiver, black Colt grips, rarer 4 3/4 bbl, did I mention unturned cylinder. $2695 box(33565)


6) Colt SAA Gen 1 1917 manufacture in spectacular condition. In 45LC caliber with deep blued finish, CCB frame, popular 5.5" barrel, black plastic Colt grips with rearing horse.                      All matching serial numbers on frame and trigger guard, excellent bore.

No disappointments here. A very fine example. $4500(33566)


Colt SAA Gen 1 made at the tail end of that first era in July 1937. Deep CCB receiver still sharp and deep, Colt plastic grips, gun chambered in rarer 32WCF with 5.5" bbl.  Gorgeous overall including slight wear at end of barrel. Classic Americana and only appreciating. Colt info letter included. $2895(31142)


Colt SAA 32WCF an American Classic. 1st Generation SAA made in 1907.            Good patina with barrel wear, functions perfectly, Colt original black grips, 5" bbl.

Estate sale, a great addition to your collection.  $2399(30463)


Remington mod 700 Varminter  223 cal bolt action rifle. Heavy 26"  barrel, w/ hard to get green furniture stock , top rail. Known for their accuracy and reliability. Reach out and touch something. $519(56586)


Browning BT99 Trap factory 2 barrel set. Classic single barrel, 32" bbl high rib and 34" bbl high rib. Both choked Full. With Browning fitted hardcase. 1979 vintage. Spotless barrels, tight strong action. Well maintained and ready for the range. $1299(56829)(Standard BT99 also avail)


Winchester model 94AE XTR lever action rifle in potent 375Win. caliber. Big Bore series on model 94s beefed up to handle larger loads. Made 1983-89. Checkered walnut stock, deep bluing, barrel marked XTR w/ AE angle eject for scoped rifles. Immaculate safe queen from estate of original owner. Did he even fire it?! Getting more sought after. $949(56867)                                                                                                                   

SW mod 642 Airweight 38 cal 5 shot revolver. Snag free hammerless design, super lightweight , purchased here new. SAVE $319(35655)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5548&cat=164 

Tikka T3  Hunter bolt action rifle in 243cal. Black synthetic stock w/ scope rings, 3 mags box&papers. Accurate rifles w/ detachable mag, cocked indicator and sling swivels.  Do not buy new when this one is perfect. $589(56956) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5607&cat=161

Merkel spectacular model  47E 20ga side by side shotgun. Purchased here new, one box shot shells shot thru her. Classic English straight stock w/ double triggers and beautifully engraved CCB receiver. 28" barrel choked IC/ Mod. Made in Germany. A feather to carry. Complete with box/papers. I'm in love! $3795(56988)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5628&cat=162

Cooper model 21 single shot rifle chambered in 17 Rem caliber. Basically a necked down 223 caliber, designed exclusively as a varmint round or small predators. The advantages of 17 Rem are low recoil, flat trajectory, fast ballistics (over 4000FPS) with minimal entrance /exit wounds. (Great for keeping the pelt) Cooper rifles are known for their beauty and accuracy. We have a high grade walnut stocked rifle, stainless barrel w/ Leupold rings& bases. These rifles are usually made when ordered. No waiting here and compare to brand new. Pristine condition from estate of original owner. Gorgeous finely crafted rifle. $1595(56868) SAVE   http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5798&cat=161

Henry Big Boy Golden 357 mag lever action rifle. Classic good looks w/ golden receiver and smoooothest lever action that you know I love. Beautiful walnut stock, octagonal barrel and full mag tube. Perfect estate rifle w/ box&papers. $ 649(57000) 

Walther PPKS, classic slim 380cal pistol. Blued finish, clean inside w/ 2 mags. $399(35680)
Taurus mod 96 , 6 shot 22 caliber revolver. Blued/ walnut grips, 6" heavy target barrel. Clean. Great shooters. Great value. $399(35679)


SW mod 19-3 Combat Magnum, rare nickel finish and 4" barrel disc in 1991, 357 mag, wood SW medallion grips, wide target hammer, pinned & recessed w/ adjustable sites.  Excellent condition, spotless barrel. Highly sought after. Local estate example and a great addition to your collection. $1095(35693) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5734&cat=164


Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II 1911 45 cal pistol two tone. Blued side over SS frame. Factory laser grips, activate when you grab the grip.  Accurate pistols. Immaculate from original owner. Save over new. $839(35696)
Kel Tec model PF9, compact lightweight polymer 9mm pistol . W/ clip holster, 2 mags, box/papers. Will be gone. $149 (35651)
Springfield Armory XDS 9mm subcompact pistol. Two tone w/ polymer frame/ SS slide. Grip safety, ambi mag release, gear kit and hardcase. Like new. SAVE. $429(35650)
SW MP15 MSR/AR 556 cal rifle. Optics ready flat top version, fixed mag. Clean receiver and barrel. Estate piece from original owner. $689 (56826) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5603&cat=161
Beretta Urika mod 391 Waterfowl 12ga semi auto shotgun. Camo finish, 28" bbl. Complete w/ hardcase, extras. Estate piece, well maintained and ready for the season. $749(56823) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5602&cat=162


Marlin 1895CB 45-70 cal lever action rifle. LNIB current manufacture , hammer block safety, w/ straight walnut stock, 26" octagon barrel w/ full length 9 round mag tube. Box/papers. Hit the open range. $639(57158)


Henry Takedown US Survival rifle. Brilliant takedown design where barrel and receiver fit into the sealed stock. It Floats! Black synthetic stock, range use once. 22LR caliber , top rail. Box/paper/ 2 mags . Super cool. $199(55804)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5752&cat=161

Ruger LCR 9mm 5 shot revolver. Diamondblack finish, Lightweight polymer frame, snag free hammerless design, wood grips. Looks great. SAVE it's perfect. Original owner w/ box&papers. $399(35863) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5753&cat=164

Winchester 9422M Wintuff 22mag lever action rifle. Beautiful brown laminate stock, bright blue in perfect condition. Possibly unfired. Made 1989-99. Getting more difficult to locate. Don't miss it again. $999 (57090)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5754&cat=161

Browning Black Label 1911-380 compact single action pistol. Scared down version of the ubiquitous 1911 pistol in 380 caliber. Black finish w/ Sim Ivory grips.               Enjoyed 1 outing. Save. $419(35862) (Standard 1911-380 also avail) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5755&cat=163

Thompson Center Renegade 54cal muzzleloader . Wood/ blued, needs a lil TLC. Factory, sites, ramrod, clean bore and set trigger. $199(56834)
Beretta APX 9mm full size pistol. Pitched to the military as an upgraded M9 Duty Pistol.  APX refers to "Advanced Pistol X" (the "X" referring to a caliber of choice), as the firearm is fully modular and you can change calibers and frame sizes somewhat easily. This one is mint, owner moving. Box/papers, ect. $425(35917) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5756&cat=163

CZ Hammer Coach gun. NIB, 12ga SxS shotgun.  Channel your inner cowboy w/ exposed hammers ,walnut stock, CCB receiver,  deep blue 20" bbl. W/ box&papers. Amazing quality and looks great too.  $799(57094) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5757&cat=162          


Sig Sauer P938-22 compact 22 cal pistol. SAO design, 3" bbl, Rosewood grips, ambi safety, w/ 10 round mag and 3 dot sites. $349(35916) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5758&cat=163

Ruger SR9 9mm polymer pistol. Purchased here- 2mags, box and papers. Great value and ready to go ! $279(35881)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5760&cat=163

Ruger SR45 45cal polymer pistol. Two tone SS slide, 10 round mag, great value and also ready to go! $279(35919) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5761&cat=163

Walther TPH 22LR subcompact pocket pistol in 22caliber. Super scaled down version of famous PPK, stainless steel finish, safety/decocker, loaded chamber indicator. 2mags in pristine condition. These always go quick. $499(35915) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5763&cat=163

Browning TBolt 22cal rifle w/ quick straight pull action. Quickest and smoothest action ejects and loads next round with the flick of the "T" bolt. Oil finish walnut stock, detachable mag, w/ scope rings. Maybe you learned on this classic from the 1960s reinvented. Put the phone down and take a kid shooting. $519(57085) 


Ruger P94 DC 40 cal pistol. Full size version w/ 10 round mag, ambi decocker/safety. $249(35918) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5765&cat=163

Colt 1911 government pistol in 38 Super caliber. Full size stainless steel pistol w/ box/papers . The 38 Super caliber made a comeback in IPSC pistol shooting competitions w/ more muzzle energy over the traditional 45ACP except with 1or 2  more rounds in mag and less recoil for faster follow up shots, thus producing faster stages and overall better scores.  Lets hit some targets! $749(35893)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5766&cat=163

American Tactical FXH45, 45cal pistol 1911 style pistol. Full polymer frame, grip safety, rail and fiber optic site. W/ box from original owner. $439(35920) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5767&cat=163


Anshutz model 64 MPR 22cal bolt action target rifle. The preeminent target rifle , match 2 stage trigger, beavertail stock heavy target barrel w/ accessory rail and fully adjustable peep sites. Exceptional accuracy. 3 shots:1 hole. Scratch in stock but barrel and internals are absolutely spotless. Hurry. $1499(57093)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5768&cat=161

Ruger Gunsite Scout 308 cal LEFT Handed bolt action rifle. Green laminate stock with 10 round mag  and top rail with peep site. Like new condition- SAVE. Hurry! $625 (57096) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5779&cat=161

SW mod 642 38 cal 5 shot 2" bbl hammerless revolver. SS , Pachmayer grips. Box/papers. All there. $389(35212)                                                               

Mossberg mod 500 12ga 28" pump action shotgun. Brand new- with stickers still attached. Factory ported barrel, wood/blued. Will be gone. $249(57063)   http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5781&cat=162 

Winchester 1885 Low Wall 150th Birthday Anniversary of John Browning lever action rifle in 17HMR cal. John Browning was a prolific inventor producing some of the most iconic firearms in history. Features gorgeous gold highlights and scrollwork.  Nothing personifies the 'Ol West and early Winchester Firearms than a single-shot rifle.  The 1885 lever-action rifle has a gloss blued finish on the 24" octagon barrel, oil-finished walnut stock . Super strong action and 1885's are known for their accuracy. Unfired from original owner w/ box/papers. Purchased here new. $1999( 57169) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5782&cat=161

Mossberg model 100ATR hunting package. Features 308 cal bolt action  rifle mounted with 3-9 power scope and sling. Great package, clean bore and ready for the Fall. $249(57062) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5783&cat=161

Parker Bros 20ga DHE Repro. Spectacular! "Someday" -just arrived!  NIB condition unfired from original owner, making YOU the second owner of this fine shotgun. Gorgeous high grade blonde walnut English stock, single selective trigger, CCB receiver w/ light scroll engraving, 26" bbl choked IC/M. So authentic that parts are interchangeable with 50 year old originals. Includes beautiful fitted  hardcase, snap caps and a chance to make up for not obtaining one originally.  Classically beautiful. Don't delay-I'm telling you. $4750 (57099) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5784&cat=162                                                         

 Ruger 10/22 22cal rifle. Blued/ synthetic, fiber optic sites, never scoped. Take A Kid Shooting! $229(57064) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5785&cat=161

Armalite AR10T 308 cal target rifle. The premier target rifle featuring heavy 20" stainless steel target barrel , crisp 2 stage NM trigger group, aluminum handguard , flat top rail.  New unfired condition. None around, don't delay.  $1699(57094)    http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5786&cat=161

H&R Pardner 12ga single shot shotgun w/ 28" bbl, choked Mod. W/ box.                        A no brainer. $99(57066) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5788&cat=162

Browning 525 Sporting Clays 410 ga w/ 30" bbls. NIB, unfired, purchased here new. Perfect stock- just like left the factory. SAVE $2099(57100) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5791&cat=162

Ruger M77  bolt action rifle chambered in 7X57 caliber. AKA 7mm Mauser caliber, it was early generation smokeless powder round introduced in late 1890s and was subsequently adopted by many militaries worldwide. Now, it remains a popular hunting caliber. Flat shooting with excellent take down for medium sized game plus great accuracy and low recoil. We have early 1990 vintage rifle, top tang safety, scope rings. Some nicks and bumps but clean overall. Great bore. $369(54891) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5792&cat=161                                                                                                

 Steyr Model M Mannlicher stock. LH action, spiral hammer gorgeous full wood cheeckpiece Mannlicher stock, 270 caliber, 20" carbine length barrel. Beautiful classic European hunting rifle. Deep blue finish w/ factory sites plus scope rings. Butter smooth action, cocking indicator. Appears unfired from estate of original owner. I'm falling in love.  $1999 (57091) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5793&cat=161                                                                                               

Tikka T3 Tactical 308 cal bolt action rifle. Precision target rifle. Features 20" heavy target barrel, adj check rest stock, heavy duty Nightforce tactical high 30mm scope rings and sling. Accurate, reliable rifles. Spotless. No disappointments here. $1099(57058)      http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5794&cat=161                                                                                                    

Kel Tec  KSG-25 12ga pump action Tacticool shotgun. Larger improved version of the original. Features larger dual mag tubes that are user selectable, dual accessory rails full length rail, bottom eject. These always move quickly. $ 795(57109)    http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5795&cat=162          

Mossberg 500 12ga 28" pump action shotgun. Synthetic stock, fully functioning, minor wear and handling marks. A workhorse- will be gone $195(57397)   http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5796&cat=162                                                                                                        

Savage mod 11 bolt action rifle in popular 223 caliber. Famous AccuTrigger system, removable mag, synthetic stock. Clean barrel, estate piece. Sticker still attached. Scope bases. Accurate. Hurry. $375(56839) 
Marlin mod 782 bolt action rifle chambered in 22 mag. Period press checkering , removable mag , sites, super clean with better than expected wear. $149(56180) 

Uberti  1875 Outlaw revolver. A faithful reproduction of the famous Remington 1875 revolver.  The  single action 1875 was Remington's answer to Colt's popular Single Action Army line. Manufactured 1875-89 but by the time of its introduction , however, Colt had a two year head start on them and already secured contracts with the U.S. Army, forcing Remington to seek other markets. Despite its limited commercial success the 1875 was known as a quality and accurate revolver. We have an unfired/ unturned Uberti single action 1875 Outlaw. Beautiful CCB receiver , deep blue 7.5" barrel w/ walnut grips. Box/papers, from original owner. $549(35912)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5797&cat=164

TC Venture 7mm-08 caliber bolt action rifle. Black synthetic stock  w/  removable mag, scope bases, soft recoil pad. Estate piece w/ box&papers. Great condition, clean all around. Ready for fall. $389(56836)   http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5608&cat=161
Remington mod 788 bolt action rifles. Remington's value line made 1967-83. Solid performers, detachable mag, sling swivels. Two avail:
- 243cal  Clean barrel, stock needs some TLC. A workhorse or spare rifle? $379(56817)

- 308 cal, nicer stock w/ no issues , clean bore and strong action, front site, scope bases.  $485 (56820)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5606&cat=161
Remington 870 pump action shotgun 12ga New camo stock , 3 chokes , Rifled sites. Clean and fully functioning. W/ box. $349 (56837)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5614&cat=162
Remington  870 pump action shotgun w/  thumbhole stock 12 ga 26" bbl, extended turkey choke, fiber optic sites. 3 1/2" magnum chamber, soft recoil pad. Great overall. May is Coming! Turkeys beware!! $369(56830)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5611&cat=162
Beretta A303 12ga semi auto shotgun. 12ga 28" bbl, wood/blued. Choked Mod. Expected nicks and scrapes but functions fine. $329(56876) 

SW MP40 LNIB condition with box /papers /2 mags/gear kit. 4" bbl, ambi slide release, loaded chamber indicator. These are great and priced to shoot. $399(35694)


Mossberg 144LSA 22cal target rifle. Features Mossberg branded rear aperture site, detachable mag. Clean bore. Made 1960-79. Classic target rifle from your youth. $299(56296)

HK USP 40cal full size pistol. Factory night sites, Variant 1  w/ decocker/safety for RD shooter, ambi mag release. W/ case and 1 mag. $449 (35695)


FN  FNP9 USG 9mm compact pistol, LNIB condition in sharp FDE tan furniture w/ blued slide. Features frame mounted ambi decocker/safety, ambi mag release, rail. Complete w/ box&papers, 2 mags, backstraps. From original owner. $595 (35698)

Para Ordnance  LDA CCO  (Companion Carry Option)compact 45cal pistol. Bright SS finish . DAO design w/  3.5" bbl, purchased here new. Complete with box/papers. Perfect in every way. Spurless flush hammer w/ front grip serrations and grip safety. Priced to go! $695(35697)
Ruger Mark IV .22LR with box, papers, and 3 10 round magazines.  Blued target model 5.5" Barrel.  Good condition $369 (35604)
Smith and Wesson model 10-6 blued 4" pinned barrel.  6 shot .38 special.  Some holster wear but great working condition.  Pachmeyer grips.  $419 (35564)
Colt Trooper MK III with 4" Barrel in 357 magnum.  Blued 6 shot with Pachmeyer grips.  DA/SA. Will go quick!  $649 (35561)
Ruger Mark II Target in 22LR.  Comes with 1 10 Round magazine target grips and 5.5" Bull Barrel. Steal me $250 (35553)
Sig Sauer 226 in 9mm with Sig night sights.  DA/SA with 1 - 10 round magazine.  Mint condition $739 (35250)
Colt 1911 Gold Cup National Match Officers Match Combo.  Comes with 5" and 4" Slides and barrels.  .45ACP.  Very uncommon matching serial numbers on slides.  $2499 (34279)
Savage 24H-DL over/under. 22 win mag/20 gauge.  Checkers wood stocks with 24" Barrels.  $450 (56498)
Beretta model 70S in 380.  Single action only with easy disassembly.  $449 (35028)
Smith and Wesson model 10-6 with 4" Barrel in 38 special.  Bluing has some holster wear but in great working condition.  Comes with Rogers wood grips.  $399 (35558)
Smith and Wesson model 64 NY-1 double action only in 38 special.  Stainless steel finish with wood grips.  $429 (35559)
Ruger GP100 Match Champion in 357 magnum.  Hiviz front sight with fully adjustable rear sight and wood grips.  6 shot stainless steel with box and papers.  Like new in box condition. $689 (35073)
Dan Wesson V-Bob 1911 in .45. Commander 4" Barrel with heinie sights.  Super durable black duty finish. (No longer made) $1795 (34325)


SW MP9 Shield  9mm pistol , compact 3/5" bbl, fiber optic sites, 2 mags and holster. $349(35654)


Ruger Single Six , vintage 22LR from 1960, 1st year walnut grips  standard. Minor holster wear but bluing excellent, tight lock up and timing is correct. Estate piece ready to go. Great history on this early Ruger. $349(35665)


Mossberg MVP bolt action rifle in 223cal. Removable mag w/ top rail plus factory fiber optic sites and muzzlebrake. Purchased here originally. Accurate and fun to shoot. Will be gone @ $419 (56915)


Marlin 25MN bolt action rifle in 22 magnum caliber. All there, clean bore, great wood, factory sites and ready to go. $195(56949) 


Savage MK II 22 cal bolt action target rifle. Features heavy 24" fluted target barrel, famous Accutrigger, scope rings, target stock. Known for their accuracy and great value. Just add scope and hit the range. With box.  Spotless from original owner. $ 449 (56252)


Browning 1911-22 22 cal single action, scaled down version of the famous JM Browning design. Wood grips, 1 mag. Great shooters. Appears unfired. $449(33827)


Ruger Security Six 357 mag, stainless steel finish, 6" bbl , adjustable sites, $549(34429)          


Savage Model 99EG 300 Savage with shell counter and Redfield rear sight $625(39588)                                                                                                            

Walther PPS M2 9mm includes 4 magazines and original box $389(35616)          

Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm 2 magazines and box $399(35617) 


USFA SAA 45LC NIB, 5.5" bbl , factory engraved frame and barrel with deep deep blue finish, simulated Ivory grips . These were manufactured in Colt's old factory. 

Estate sale. Spectacular and ready for a new home.  $3095(32371)    http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5079&cat=164                                                                                      



SW Mod 60 & 36 Revolvers. Classics!

SW 36 classic 2" 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Tight lockup, full size rubber grips. Ready to rock.$499(34567B)                                                                                                                                                                                                           

SW mod 36, very early no dash version in classic 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Deep blue finish, with absolutely no wear, 2" bbl, original SW wood medallion grips, round butt. Beautiful, in better than expected condition. Rarely seen in this condition.     I'm smitten. $749(34844)                                                                                              

SW mod 60 early 38cal "No Dash" version. Classic 2" bbl, 5 shot stainless steel revolver.                                                                                                                         

Springfield Armory XD-9 Service size, 9mm, 4” barrel, with box and 5 ,YES 5 10rd magazines! $389 (34945)                                                                                          

 Ruger MK II 22 cal target pistol. Stainless tell w/ 7.5" flat side heavy barrel, wooden target grips and fully adjustable sites. Mint condition with original scope rings/ box/ papers. Hit the range! $299(34741)
Franchi model 48 12ga semi auto shotgun. Made in Italy 28" bbl, choked Full.          High figured walnut stock and engraved game scene. Soft shooting, uses Browning action.  $429(55852)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5086&cat=162                                                                  


Colt Match Target 22 cal target pistol. Second series made 1950, slide marked Match Target, 6" heavy barrel, brown plastic grips, push button mag release, cocked indicator. Super clean and well maintained. Getting more difficult to locate. $1495(34290) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5074&cat=163                                                                      

Savage Arms Model 555 Enhanced over/under shotgun 12ga 28” barrel, gorgeous wood stocks $625(56711)                                                                                         

Marlin 336 3030 cal lever action rifle. Nice tan laminate stock , pristine condition , large loop lever , factory sites- never scoped. Don't buy new! $489(56602)  
Taurus model 605 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Super lightweight & compact polymer frame, rubber grips hi viz sites. All there and priced to move @ $259(35511) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5549&cat=164
Ruger New Model Single-Seven in .327 Federal Magnum.  Blued with 5.5” Barrel.   Very clean with box and papers.  Adjustable rear sight.  Single action only revolver, 7 shot.  $495 (34427) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-revolver-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5032&cat=164                                                                    

 Kel Tec  P3AT with full flat dark earth finish.  Great pocket gun in .380 ACP              $249 (30661)http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5033&cat=163                                                                   

SW BG380 , 380 cal pocket pistol. Features factory integral laser with instant on or flashing, tan frame, quick acquisition big dot sites. Like new w/ box/papers. From original owner. $399(33145)


Home Protection Center


Mossberg 500 12ga 18" pump action shotgun Home protection shotgun. Flip up sites, cylinder choke. Mint condition, early wood stock version. $350 (57088) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5759&cat=162 

Remington 870 Custom 12ga 18” barrel with XS Big Dot front sight, heavy Carrier Dog spring, aluminum follower, antiwalk trigger pins & Big Head safety $349(56759)


Mossberg mod 500 home protection shotgun in 410ga. Pump action with forward grip with super low recoil but with capable knockdown power. Two avail.  Ready for duty. $339(56155)(56206)

Mossberg 500 12ga home defense shotgun. Pistol grip, 18" bbl w/ heat shield and muzzle brake barrel, soft rubber grip and top rail system. Minty condition.  Will be gone. $279(56133)
JC Higgins vintage home protection pump action shotgun. 12ga 18" w/ cool factory muzzlebrake             Wood& blue. Scratched up, banged up, nicked up but functions fine. Workhorse. $199(56891)
Remington 870 Tactical 12ga 18" home protection shotgun in perfect condition. I don't think he even fired it. Top rail w/ Ghost Ring sites and full mag tube. Hurry on this one. $439 (56881)

Mossberg Shockwave  brilliantly designed  compact home defense shotgun in 410ga. Super low recoil- perfect for recoil sensitive shooters. Birdshead grip w/ webbed forend strap. Range use once. SAVE $329(56865) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-shotgun-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5624&cat=162

Mossberg 500 12ga pump action home protection shotgun. Features Ghost ring sites, full mag tube, 18" bbl w/ heat shield. Ready for duty. $349(56888)

Benelli Tactical 12ga 18" pump action home protection shotgun. Ghost ring sites, magazine lock-out , ultra reliable. Really ready for duty. These go fast.  $319(56946)



Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga ,28” 3”chamber barrel laminated brown stocks with box $225(56455) 

Smith & Wesson SW1911TA  Stainless steel E- Series 5” 1911.  Comes with Night sights, box and papers in .45ACP $999 (26023) 

SW mod 38 Airweight hammerless 38 cal revolver. A classic design, lightweight aluminum frame, 5 shot, SW wood grips, bright blue finish. Early 1970's J prefix serial number. Super clean and functions perfectly. Highly collectable. $795(26223)


Colt Officer Match 38cal 6 shot revolver. Fifth Issue made 1959, 6" heavy target barrel, fully adjustable rear sites, Colt's long, wide diamond-checkered Target hammer that became famous on the Colt Python. Blued finish w/ Colt medallion word grips. Smooth action with better than expected wear. Extra grips. From local estate. $749(34573)





Weatherby  MK V rifle in potent 340 Wby caliber. Capable of taking any N American big game and most African game, 340 Wby was introduced by Roy in 1962. Flat shooting w/ tons of takedown. This MK V is stainless steel / synthetic w/ rings and is in LNIB condition. Ready for your next adventure. Includes box and sling. Great value@ $999 (55412)


SW Bodyguard 380 pocket pistol in 380 cal w/ factory integral laser. All black finish, laser blinks for quicker acquisition or steady on. From original owner. MINT. $339(35103)( 2 avail)

Sharps 1874 Repro in classic 4570 caliber. Iconic Buffalo Hunter  rolling block lever action from the Old West era.  Made in Italy. English walnut stock, CCB receiver w/ elevator sites. $849(56497) 

Springfield XDM 45 cal target pistol in perfect condition from original owner. Features hardcase with gear kit, 2 mags, backstraps, rail , grip safety. Great shooters and excellent value. $469(35311)

Browning X-Bolt Stalker.  The ultimate package in 325WSM caliber synthetic with blued barrel.  Has a 23” Barrel and a Leupold VX-L 3.5-10X 50 Scope and 3 magazines.  $999 (55060)


Ruger M77 MKII bolt action rifle in potent 300WM caliber. Wood/ blue, 3 position safety, ported barrel helps recoil reduction, sling. Ready for the woods. $499(53898)


CZ P10 Compact 9mm pistol, in LNIB condition w/ tan polymer frame factory adjustable night sights, ambi slide release and loaded chamber indicator. Great value guns. Purchased here new, from original owner. $495(33144)


Kahr PM 45 .45 acp with night sights.  Comes with 1 magazine $599 (30400)


SW mod 15-3 Combat Masterpiece. 4" bbl, blued 38 cal revolver. All original condition w/ wide target hammer and trigger, SW medallion walnut grips w/ adjustable target sites. Popular w/ LE and the military for its accuracy and dependability. Beautiful, classic revolver. $729(34546)

Stoeger Uplander  12ga 28"  SxS shotgun. Double triggers, choked F/ IM. Closes tight, clean. Ready to roll @ $299(56154) 

Bushmaster XM15 HBar/ MSR rifle in 223cal, fixed mag edition, features, heavy 20" target barrel, weights inside stock for accuracy and stability, factory match trigger and NM front site,  fixed carry handle. Chrome lined barrel, clean all over. $782 (56528)

Savage model 555 Enhanced 12ga over/under shotgun. Clean all over, good wood, 28" barrels, tight action, deep engraving on receiver, 3" chamber, 8 chokes total. Ready for the range. $625(56711) 

SW M&P Series

M&P9 full size 9mm, 4.25” barrel, APEX aluminum trigger, Trijicon night sights, 2 10rd                                            magazines $435 (31355)

M&P9 Pro series 9mm.  Comes with box, papers and 2 10round mags. Great shooter and very popular this won’t last long! $469 (30392)

SW MP40 40 cal pistol. Full size frame, 10 rounds. Great shooters and this one is mint. Save. $395(31117)

            M&P45 Shield 45acp LNIB 1-6rd, 1-7rd with safety $369(34920)

MP Shield 9 compact 9mm pistol. Compact, ergonomic design. Mint from original owner. 3 mags, 3" bbl , $300 (35864) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5769&cat=163

Sig Sauer P320 compact 9mm pistol. Reliable and consistent striker fired action. Ambi slide release, 3 dot sites, light weight polymer frame with factory night sights. From original owner w/ box/papers/ holster. $489(35100)

Sig Sauer P250 45acp DAO includes 2-9rd magazines, holster and box $399(35615)
SW Bodyguard 380 cal , compact, SS slide, w/ safety. Another no brainer. $299(32900

Winchester mod 12 pump action shotgun. Known for their hand fitted internals and, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns. Manufactured from 1912-64 it was popular with shotgunners being dependable and rugged and reliable enough to be used in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This one is the Trap version with 28" Vent rib ported bbl and choked Full. Well enjoyed. $649(53947A)


Star model BKM 9mm pistol. Great value guns. Made in Spain. 7 round mag, blued finish, steel construction. Clean, wood grips, single action design. Estate piece w/ box and papers. $395(35009)

ARES/ FIightlite model SCR 223 cal rifle. Standard rifle stock, AR style flat top. Spotless condition with spare barrel, box, papers, from original owner. Great value. $849(56793)


Ruger SR9 9mm pistol. Polymer frame / SS slide, 3 dot sites w/ loaded chamber indicator. Great value guns. Super clean from original owner w/ 2 mags. $269(35528)
SW mod 640 5 shot 38 cal hammerless revolver. Potent, slim, reliable, snag free design. SS, SW medallion wood grips, tight lockup. Classic. $519(35029)


Sako III Varmint stainless steel in 22-250, laminate stock, in perfect overall condition with scope rings. Super accurate with free floating 24” heavy varmint bbl. and adj trigger. Watch out critters! $1475(53017)          


Springfield Armory XD45 sub compact. 45 cal , 2" bbl, two tone finish , grip safety. Like new all over. W/ box. SAVE. $ 399 (34704)
Taurus PT1911 45 cal pistol. Stainless steel finish with plastic grips, adjustable dot sites, ambi safety. Excellent condition. Great value-$599(30851)




G19 Gen 3 “Made in Austria” 9mm 1-10rd mag metal sights $419(35459)


G22 Gen4 Full size 40caliber pistol. Clean internals, some holster wear. No box or acces.  All ready to go. $319 (34402)


G26 Gen 3 9mm sub-compact 10rd mag $359(35347)


G22 Gen3 40cal Full size pistol, clean inside, 3 mags, backstraps, box, purchased here. $449(34303)


G26 9mm subcompact, NS Gen4 stippled grip, 2 mags w/ factory night sites , 2 mags finger ext. CLEAN. $449(35635) 


G26 “custom” stippled grip,9mm KKM barrel and Trijicon night sights $519(34905)

G26 9mm subcompact. Super clean, box/papers, 2 mags. $439(35652) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5538&cat=163
G21 45cal full size Gen4 pistol, perfect all original condition. 3-10 rnds, box/papers. $455(33966) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5411&cat=163




H&K P2000SK 9mm.  H&K’s famous LEM trigger. Sub- compact 3.5” Barrel.        Comes with 2- 10 round magazines $649 (22793)


Winchester model 1200 pump action shotgun. Safe queen in immaculate condition.

30" bbl choked Full. Shiny bore and insides, great wood. $295(49863)


Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag revolver. Fall is here! Sidearm afield or primary hunting piece? Blued / walnut grips, 5.5" bbl, Adjustable sights. $525(34098)

Ruger Blackhawk engraved 357 cal revolver. Gorgeous, NIB condition deep blue finish with gold scroll engraving, brass frame with faux ivory grips. $1495(32370)

Marlin mod 60 22 cal semi auto target rifle. Wood stock, tube fed mag, period scope and factory sites. Great to take a kid shooting. $119(57171) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5772&cat=161



M1 Carbine by Plainfield Machine , made NJ 1962-78. Fascinating company history reads like a mystery novel.  Complete with intrigue, squabbles, bankrupcy, hostage situations, investigations, Federal Agents, Cuban invasion, Ireland and more. (http://www.m1carbinesinc.com/carbine_plainfield.html)  Manufactured as commercial grade 30 Caliber  M1 Carbines with parts interchanging with military rifles. Excellent condition , peep site , metal perforated heat shield, period green canvas sling and heat shield. Clean bore, becoming great collectibles. $699 (57293) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5773&cat=161

American Arms Silver II 12ga over under shotgun. Wood/ blued, scroll engraving on recover, 28" bbls w/ chokes. Closes tight, clean. $599(57292)
Mossberg MVP bolt action rifle in 556cal. Great shooters, fiber optic sites, top rail. Mint condition. Hurry, these go quick. $439(57274) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5775&cat=161
HK VP40 full size 40cal pistol, NIB unfired estate piece. Dark green frame, factory night sights, back straps, light pull trigger system, 4 mags total, made in Germany. $749(35961) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5776&cat=163
CZ P10 Compact 9mm pistol. Black polymer frame, 3 dot sites, 4 mags, w/ box&papers from original owner. Perfect. Great value. Shoot today.$ 339(35962) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5777&cat=163
Walther PPQM2  in 45 cal . Semi auto polymer frame w/ Walthers Quick Defense trigger system, ambi slide release & safety. NIB w/ box papers/ 2 mags. Purchased here originally. Save. $495(35963) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-pistol-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5778&cat=163

Sig Sauer P320 X5 9mm target pistol. Designed for maximum accuracy, shootability and ergonomics with the modular features of the P320 line. The grip features a deeper trigger guard undercut, a higher back strap and an extended beavertail to ensure a better grip, removable weight, extended slide catch and more.  X-Five has a unique straight trigger that breaks at 90 degrees. It feels amazing, nice and crisp and breaks consistently. The Dawson Precision® Fiber Optic front and fully-adjustable rear sights really pop and you can replace the rear site w/ a Sig optic. Extreme accuracy and dependability. Perfect w/ box and papers from original owner. Priced to shoot. $719(34694)
Blaser R93 Luxus 2 barrel package.  Perfect condition with high grade wood with African game scenes on the receiver. Ingenious straight pull action allows for           swift follow up shots, ability to change barrels for each caliber. Package includes fluted 243 and 7mm bbls both with Blaser rings in fitted Blaser aluminum hard case.

Price Adjustment Now: $8399 (45002)


Weatherby Vanguard in 22-250.  Blued barrel with gray synthetic stock. 

Never fired with box and papers.  Delta waterfowl edition $439 (551911)


Ruger LC9 compact, slim 9mm pistol w/ factory night sites, manual safety. Box/papers. $359. All there! (35205)

Remington 870 Wingmaster Trap 12ga pump action shotgun. 30" barrel choked Full.

Clean, smooth pump action, hi gloss stock. Great shape, lightly used. Ready to go. $499(56838)

Browning Gold Evolve 12ga semi auto target shotgun . Smooth shooting, 30" hi viz bbl w/ ported choke. Estate piece, clean, good wood. W/ box, from original owner.

Spring is here,hit the range. $779(56824)

Savage mod 64 22 cal semi auto rifle. Complete with scope plus factory sites. Synthetic stock , light discoloration on barrel. Take a kid shooting! $195(56476)

Ugartchea mod 522 12ga side by side. Made in Spain. 28" barrel choked Mod/ Imp. Closes tight, hi gloss checkered pistol grip stock, double triggers. Clean bores.

Great reasonable SxS. $729(56834)

SW M&P340 357mag revolver, 1 7/8” barrel, smooth hammerless design, 5 shot,

Trijicon front sight, Crimson Trace Laser grip, 13oz! $775 (34904)


Smith & Wesson Model 640-2 Full stainless 38spl. 1 7/8” barrel, 5 shot, black plastic grips $469 (34948)



SW 642-2 38cal 5 shot hammerless revolver. Lightweight alloy frame, shoots +P  rated

rounds, Pachmayer rubber grips. Perfect condition w/ box&papers. $389(35212


Browning ABolt in ripping 22-250 caliber. Capable of attains 4000 FPS the short action caliber is popular for varmints and small game. The 22-250 started out life as a hot wildcat caliber in the late 1930s until Browning made a bold move in 1963 by cataloging it before ammo was even being produced for it! The rest is history as it gained commercial success and acceptance. This ABolt features synthetic stock, scope bases, cocking indicator, and Browning's super strong action and accuracy. $425(55063) 

Beretta 92SF 9mm short frame pistol. Full size slide and smaller grip w/ 10 rounds. Known for their accuracy, reliability. Smooth shooters, ambi safety/decocker, ease of takedown, plus military heritage. $499(34526) 


SW model 625 Performance Center in classic 45ACP caliber. Stainless steel, 4” barrel. PC enhancements include deep cut rifling, custom hammer and trigger and hand honed action. From original owner w/ box/papers/ moonclips. Ready to enjoy! $849(33260)
Mossberg 500 12ga 24" turkey pump action shotgun. Woodland camo finish, ported barrel. A workhorse. $339(50893)    

Savage mod 99 lever action chambered in 25-35 WCF cal . 1909 manufacture,

round counter , crescent butt plate, never scoped. $699(43301)*NOW $599*

Charter Arms Police Bulldog 38 cal revolver. From original owner, great value guns. SS, 4" bbl, spotless w/ box/papers. $325(35008)


Browning BT99 12 ga 32" ported barrel trap gun. Popular site around the trap fields. Clean bore, high rib bbl, super soft recoil pad, closes tight. Includes Browning fitted hardcase. Get out there and bust some clays! $799(56822)(BT99 2 bbl set also avail)



Military Firearms


Schmidt Rubin K31 Karabiner model 1931.  The K31  is a Swiss military Straight pull bolt action battle rifle and was shorter overall with a 24" barrel and 6 round detachable mag.  It was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss armed forces from 1933 until 1958 though examples remained in service into the 1970s. It Is chambered in 7.5x55 Swiss caliber (similar ballistics to 308cal) w/ elevator sites and period sling. Great shooters and famous straight pull bolt early military rifle. Import stamped. $749(56959)  http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5789&cat=161 

British Enfield No. 4 MK 1 sporterized 303Brit “no magazine” $199(56656)           

Italian Carcano Terni marked. Famous battle rifle model 91/28 in 6.5x52 caliber. All matching. Modello 1938 rifles were shipped to Finland, where they were known as Ternicarbines (from the Terni stamp with the royal crown, where they were manufactured). They were primarily used by security and line-of-communications troops during 1939–1940. According to reports, the Finns disliked the rifle. With its non-standard caliber, it was problematic to keep frontline troops supplied with good quality ammo, and its non-adjustable 200m fixed rear sight made it ill-suited for use in precision shooting the Finns were used to . Whenever possible, Finnish soldiers discarded the weapon in favor of rifles acquired on the battlefield, especially captured Soviet-made  Mosin Nagant rifles. Neat piece. Good wood, w/ bayonet and period sling. $449(56599) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-used-rifle-pictures.asp?action=view&ID=5790&cat=161

Japanese Arisaka Type 44 “rare” Cavalry Carbine 6.5Jap with Full unaltered MUM on receiver, under folding bayonet and dust cover. $999(56690)

British Enfield No.4 MK 1 Sporterized with white diamonds in stock 303Brit with magazine $275(55360)

Carcano M91 Long rifle 6.5x52 $450(56684)


Ruger LCP gen 1 in .380.  Comes with 1 - 6 round magazine and pocket holster. $180 (35490)

Browning Buckmark Plus Lite UFX .22LR with 5.5" Barrel.  Comes with Williams Hiviz Sights, box, papers and 2 - 10 Round magazines.  $389(35466)
Smith and Wesson 25 - 15 Classic in 45 long colt.  6 shot with 6.5" Barrel, wood grips and adjustable rear sight.  Comes complete with box and papers.  Bluing is in almost perfect condition.  $819 (35611)
Winchester mod 94 in 30WCF (3030) caliber, made 1906. Short 18" brush bbl , expected wear. A piece of Americana! $729 (46917A)
Remington 870 12ga pump action shotgun. Laminate stock, 28" bbl, 3 1/2" chamber. Clean insides, handling and use marks.  SAVE. A workhorse here. $319 

Sig Sauer 1911 “square style slide”, 45cal, 4” barrel, blued, rosewood grips, Siglite night sights, 2 8rd magazines, box and papers $765 (33903)

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44mag safe queen. NIB unfired, 1982 vintage. Estate piece and found in bottom of safe. Box/ papers, shipping over box. Blued finish, 7.5" bbl.

None finer. Hurry. $749(22698) 

Stoeger Uplander Supreme 12ga side by side shotgun. Excellent condition, single trigger, 28" bbl w/ chokes. Walnut pistol grip stock and blued finish. Hit the woods! $389(56598)

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Revolver in potent .454 Casull caliber. Features gorgeous grey stainless steel finish w/ unfluted cylinder, 7.5" ported barrel, black hogue monogrip, scope rings, adjustable sight, 6 round capacity. The round is one of the most powerful handgun cartridges in production more recoil energy than the .44 Magnum intended for hunting medium or large game and bear protection. And it it the first handgun to take Africa's Big Five. Also shoots 45LC for versatility. Perfect condition.  Start your next adventure. $849 (34671) (NIB Ruger Toklak also avail)



ALERT: Where my Leftys?


Savage mod 10 Left Hand 308 cal bolt action target rifle. Known for their accuracy and value.      Features Savage's famous Accutrigger, heavy fluted barrel oversized bolt handle, muzzle break soft recoil pad and rail system. Perfect condition from original owner, spotless bore. All you! $499(51595)
Remington custom build featuring a 700 Left Hand action mated to a DW Cowen custom SS barrel in 375 HH mag caliber with a Leupold  VXIII 1.5- 5 x20 with express sites and a laminate stock. Retired African rifle. Super accurate, dependable. Ready for YOUR next adventure. $1395(50810)

Remington 1100 12ga 2 ¾” chamber, Left Hand  28” fixed modified choke, pristine gloss walnut stocks, rare find $549 (56018)  

Kahr P380 subcompact polymer 380 caliber pistol. Total package with factory night sites plus Crimson Trace trigger guard laser, 2 mags w/ box&papers.                              A great setup from original owner. $599(33413) 


SW Bodyguard 38 cal 2" revolver. Snag free hammerless design, lightweight alloy frame w/ factory laser site (flashing or steady). Perfect, purchased here new w/ box&papers. $399(34966) 


Winchester mod 70 XTR bolt action rifle in 270win caliber. Pristine estate piece with cheeckpiece stock, 3 position safety, early transitional model pre USRA w/ Winchester stamped butt pad, barrel marked XTR. Features period Tasco scope, checkered stock and sling swivels.  Possibly unfired. WOW. $999(55862)

Kimber SOLO carry two tone 9mm, black frame & stainless slide, 2 6rd magazines, box & papers $499 (34897)

Sako model V bolt action rifle. Rare version imported by Stoeger . Barn find from original family in pristine condition. Potent 300wm caliber, 24" bbl. Deep bluing w/ walnut cheeckpiece stock, checkering , removable mag, scope rings. One light minor handling mark.  Long time since I've seen one of these. None finer. Collect or shoot? $1495(56797)

Ruger Blackhawk 357mag revolver, all blued finish, 4.5" barrel, single action design. Adjustable sites w/ rubber grips. Strong action and great shooters. Complete w/ box and spare 9MM cylinder .Purchased here new.  $519(35692)
Mossberg 835 Ultimag 12ga pump action Camo turkey hunter. Features MOBU Camo w/ 24 ported turkey barrel, extended Full choke, 3 1/2" chamber and fiber optic sites. Ready for Spring season! Priced to hunt $395(56898)


Springfield Armory M1A standard 308 caliber fixed mag version. The M14 was designed to reduce 7 different military rifles down to a single platform was good in theory but ultimately proved too difficult logistically. M1A was born for civilian target shooters and was an instant hit. We have a fixed mag version M1A w/ Precison adjustable stock (comb& LOP)for exact fit, peep sites plus flat top and tri-rail systems. Pristine condition and famously accurate and great shooters. Hit the range today. $1339(56041)


SW mod 442 Airweight 5 shot 38 cal revolver. Lightweight alloy frame, snag fee hammerless design. Blued finish, minor wear. Great overall. Will be gone @ $299(35147)


Thompson Center Omega Z5 50 Cal bleach power rifle. Brand new, unfired  with TC 3x9 scope. Features Camo thumbhole stock w/ SS barrel. Uses 209 primers for reliable ignition. Stickers still attached w/ box. Ready to hunt and extend your season.

SAVE $299(56825) 

Remington 40X  bolt action target rifle chambered in accurate 222Rem Mag cal. (Stretched 20% longer over standard 222 to accommodate more powder. Extreme accuracy with ballistics approaching 3500FPS) The premier legendary target rifle, we have a Centerfire Rangemaster version made 1961-64. These feature a hand fitted action, single shot accuracy, adjustable trigger. Pristine condition from lifelong local collector. Features low 5 digit serial number. Ready for your collection.  $999(56822) 


Colt 1911A1 45 cal pistol. Classic Series 80 configuration w/ 5 1/2" bbl, parkerized finish w/ walnut grips and military blade sites. Modern itineration of the classic military pistol. No wear, clean bore. Never go out of style. $ 799(35476)

SW MP45 45cal pistol. Perfect condition w/ factory Trijicon night sites, rail, ambi slide release. Ready to go w/ 2 mags, box/papers. $449(35204)

Remington mod 700 SPS synthetic/stainless steel 3006 cal bolt action rifle. Includes scope rings. Clean bore, excellent. Fall is coming....$549(56510)  


Browning BAR 3006 cal semi auto rifle. Pristine condition, fine gloss stock, factory sites, bright bluing, never scoped. Estate piece.  Becoming newest classic. Appears unfired. $875(56515)


Winchester model 1300 12ga pump action slug shotgun. Features fully rifled barrel for most accurate and longest range with sites, walnut stock, light scroll engraving and sling. Good wood, clean barrel and internals. Fall is just around the corner. $399(56604)
Savage model 220 20ga bolt action shotgun. Brilliant design, fully rifled barrel for most accuracy and distance. Camo stock, detachable mag, larger bolt handle for quick operation and scope bases. Get a head start on the season. Low recoil with superior rifled slug accuracy. With original box. $489(56832)


Ugartchea 221 12ga SxS shotgun. Gorgeous classic English configuration with straight oiled finish stock, double triggers, CCB receiver and 28" deep blue barrels choked Full/ IM. Tight action, super clean all over. Made in Spain. $999(56831) 





Jons Jewels- Bargains Priced to Shoot.


Price Reduced Monthly, No Coupons, No Further Discounts, CC Add 3%,

No Layaway…….. These Prices Are Insane !!


Charles  Daly / Browning A5 clone. Made in Japan in the early 70's. Charles Daly model Auto-Pointer 12ga. 28" VR bbl choked Mod. very nicely machined and finished blue steel receiver with scroll engraving stocks are solid; excellent bore; original bluing is excellent. Appears to be a quality copy of the famous Browning A-5. $349.23 (53023)


Sig Sauer P229 in 40SW, black finish, decocker. Known for their accuracy and dependability. $378.10 (23491)

Kahr PM 45 .45 acp with night sights.  Comes with 1 magazine $398.36 (30400)


SW mod 60 engraved. The classic 5 shot 2" SS revolver tastefully engraved.          

Older gold inlays, SW grips. Unique. $497.73 (26819)


Sharps -Borchardt mod 1878 Military falling block rifle in 45-70 caliber. Ol' Reliable.  Admired for their accuracy and strength: reputed to be the strongest action ever made in the 20th century. A single-shot hammerless design by Hugo Borchardt in 1877 has a firing mechanism that uses a hammerless striker rather than a hammer and firing pin like the old Sharps Rifle. Revolutionary for the period. It was the last of the Sharps single-shot rifles, and came at the very end of the bison hunting era. That timing, along with increasing competition from newer bolt and lever action rifles caused sales to decline and eventually the factory closed in 1880. The Military version here is one of approx only 9000 examples made 1878-80.  Very well cared by long time collector.         Replacement rear site, screws not buggered, with rod, stock is fantastic with great patina, clean bore and tight closing action. Great piece of Americana. $2062.90 (51364)



Non NY Compliant  

Out of State Customers Only / LE Sales Only


Kel Tec Sub 2000 rifle, uses Glock 40 cal mags. Great design, folds in half. Box/papers from original owner. Fun to shoot. $375(57294) http://www.campsitesportshop.com/html/firearms-le-only-pre-owned-firearms.asp?action=view&ID=5771&cat=156
Century WASR10 Romanian manufacture in 7.62x39 caliber, Camo finish, w/ Tri rail system, flashlight attachment and sling. Ready to go and looks great. $759(53595A)

PTR91 308 Cal rifle, clone to the famous HK91 battle rifle. From original owner, dual rail systems, clone HK sites, fluted bbl, and adj stock. $899 (54489)


Desert Eagle 44mag, NIB , original 1994 Campsite receipt still in box, you will be the second owner of this! Gorgeous two tone black/ SS finish, rotating bolt (just like some rifles) for accuracy. Complete with old school cardboard box, mags, and papers. 

From original owner. Campsite receipt still in box.  Headturner. $1199(34202)

PTR91 308 cal rifle. Clone to the famous HK91 rifle.  Made in USA, adjustable distance sites, Tri rail system, w/ tons of extras. Scope, claw mount, sling. $1275(53949A)


Walther OSP 22 cal short competition target pistol, made in Germany.                Designed for Olympic rapid fire competitions and features ergonomic design with super low recoil, custom fit grips and light trigger pull. Bore is perfect, AS, some handling marks. 4.4" bbl. Brilliant design and getting more difficult to locate. $1449(31333)
Federal Ordnance M14 308 Cal rifle, nicest one I've seen and getting harder to locate. Commercial version made in CA in 1980's using all USGI parts. This one excellent shape with spotless bore and great stock. Has Winchester barrel marked "62" as well as period style sling, original bayonet and rare bi pod.  None finer- see for yourself. $1719(48779)


ISSC MK22 head turning SCAR clone in economical 22 cal. 16" bbl, front/ rear folding sites, plus picatinny style rail mounts. Paul's jealous. $389 (36985)